How to have the most effective espionage/counter espionage

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    • How to have the most effective espionage/counter espionage

      Espionage is an important part of winning a war, but, not always the easiest one. Enemies will intercept messages with important info, allies will turn against you if they find you have been spying, and anyone can spy on you. These tips will help you have more reliable intel and may keep your enemies from knowing your plans.

      1. Set up intelligence spies on non-important provinces, not on industrial complexes, ones with high victory points, and especially not the capital. Players usually put counter espionage on those types of provinces.

      2. Set up counter espionage on all of the above mentioned provinces, and, if possible, all the other ones.

      3. Spam the diplomacy chat with useless info, and send battle plans every now and then.

      4. Send the above mentioned battle plans in another language (I use Google Translate), don't send in a common language like Spanish, send in a language that is unique and you never even heard of, like Hmong.
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    • Two other points to keep in mind:

      Read the newspaper after every day change, specifically the articles related to your country using the "myself" tab. If you have unexplained damage or mentions of "sabotage cannot be ruled out" be sure to put counter-intel spies in those provinces.

      Also read your espionage reports carefully. Frequently you will get a listing of "ruler xyz controls at lest the following spies" so you can specifically assign counter-intel spies to those provinces.

      I also don't reveal plans in regular messages. At most I will say: "You can see where I am headed, Why don't you go a little north of me" or something.
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    • My counter espionage tricks
      1. Constantly move resources and troops between players to throw off suspicious savings
      2. Send false information to allies in game and set up some other method of communication.
      3. Read the newspaper to see where spies have been caught. Chances are that there are more of them there.
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    • i agree with what you guys have all said and i thought i would add that economic sabatoge can also be helpful in your enemies core food and oil provinces. The coalition is probably the most underated thing in this game because nobody uses it but it is a good means of comunicating info without having the chance of spies. also use something like discord if you are playing a team game and then send random info around between your allies.They will end up like this ?(