Panama Canal

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    • Panama Canal

      From the Forum Entry St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes"

      MontanaBB wrote:

      xXCooksterXx wrote:

      A new province would have to be made.
      Not really hard to program at all. And there is ample precedent for overseas territories of the great powers on the 10, 22 and 25-player maps. The only real difference here is that a Panama Canal province would actually have real strategic value in the game, and would actually be worth defending.
      Now go convince the software developers. :)
      The Panama canal must be under US Control in the 25p map.
      You can't have it not, as that would make it not historic, making the title a lie.
      Can this be implemented?
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    • It would be a small province, yes, but it would make the panama canal actually great to control and not worthless..
      It wouldn't make sense for what it is now, when you just take over panama you get the canal. You should have to take it from a world power in order to control it, making things more risky for the person who wishes to take it.
      Forum Gang Kaiser

      South Dakota is the Best Dakota