Add a list of countries a coalitions is at war with

    • Add a list of countries a coalitions is at war with

      Add list of countries a coalition is at war with on the coalitions page 9
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      this is a very minor update suggestion...Add a list of countries a certain coalition is at war with. If you don't know what that means, it means when you click on your or any coalition, it has one of those 'at war with:' (like on a country's diplomacy page) things with a list of countries every member in the coalition is at war with put together, So for example the UK and France are in a coalition, France is at war with Germany and UK is at war with Ireland, if you go onto the their coalition page it will say "At war with: (German flag) Germany (Irish flag) Ireland". I think this would be just a little helpful if you were in a coalition and the coalition includes a mutual defense pact or something which means if any member of the coalition is attacked all respond, it would be faster to go onto the coalitions page and taking a look at this than going onto every member of the coalitions page one-by-one. Vote and let me know what you think.

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