Unfair ban and rude mods

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    • Unfair ban and rude mods

      I play this game in a student residence with other 3 Friends and we have been ban for multicount becouse we play with the same IP becouse we have to share wifi, we try to contact with the staff and anyone says nothing, and now the only friend that its not bann gets a chat ban for trying to contact with the staff by a rude mod. We dont now what to do
    • Greetings,

      If you have issues with my moderators, and any of the actions they take, please contact me. With your bans, i can offer the advice to play in games with anti cheat off, this turns off the ranking to my knowledge to. And play in seperate games, and dont make more accounts. Digs a deeper hole for you.
      EN Community Support

    • yep thanks we are playing non ranked games with the anti cheat disabled, and what happened with the mod is that my friend typed a friend's name which includes ass in his nickname. He got chat ban for 24 hours.

      We hope u can fix it asap.
      The players who got ban are: Mendrugosoberano; Oscaraculo; Kaijy