Allow level 1 rockets to be fired from cruisers

    • Besides that, level 1 rockets should be buildable separate from the other rockets, and not, in any way, contribute to the level 2-4 rockets. Would also make it impossible to make a whole bunch of level 1's, and then have a bunch of level 2's, when your industry is completely incapable of producing rockets of that magnitude. The change to make levels 2-4 require level 2 airports a while back, is kinda redundant when you can just produce a boatload of level 1's, and then upgrade the entire lot to level 3 or 4. Obviously, it hampers later production of them, but when you can just make 10 or 20 of them when the rocket is on level 1 and then research the higher levels to achieve better results... Really, it just seems odd that the level 1 rocket is in the same class as the level 2-4 rockets(especially after the rebalance a couple months back). Level 1 is a piloted rocket with explosives, whereas level 2-4 are full on ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets from great range. The 2 classes should be separated, and the first rocket given the option to change target midflight(but not return to base. Would ruin the point of rockets if it could.). Would give some utility to it, rather than being a scapegoat unit that is just used to mass spam rockets. That and being able to launch from cruisers would give it a reason to exist and be separated from the rest of the group.

      Edit: And again, should really go in the suggestions and criticism section... Not the questions and answers section.