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    • Hello,

      Since the beginning I spent 0 gold on games and now cumulated 42,000 gold. I thought a good way to spend it would be to add some elite AI in my games. So I may create a game with Elite AI. Before I do so, i have a couple questions:

      - When you play a game with a gold fee, do you have more gold user in the game? Or it is the same as a normal game? If there is more, I might reconsiderate!

      - Can someone share his experiences with Elite AI? Are they playing like humans or they are slightly better than actual AI. What kind of behavior do they have? If someone leave, does the AI is also Elite for countries replacing human? If Elite AI was a player, what ratio would he have approx.?

    • It's quite different. However Elite AI does not act like humans, they are still just bots.

      They might declare war on you (and attack) if your reputation gets very bad. There will be a section in the newspaper with reputation, updated daily.

      The main difference is that they make a lot more buildings and units and are generally just tougher.

      There might be more gold users in those games, since it requires gold to join, but I wouldn't be sure of it. I've won a few Elite AI matches without encountering players that spend gold.

      Yes the AI will be Elite-AI for all countries who are not human, or those that leave.

      Try it, it can be OK fun, but don't expect a lot of human players in those games, so it might be a bit boring.
      Sincerely, wildL
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