A Few Good Men

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    • A Few Good Men

      A "Few Good Men" [FGM] have banded together for the joy of the game and the thrill of competition.

      FGM Code of Conduct:

      - We are everywhere. That is why we only speak English.
      - We are Gentlemen but Ladies are also accepted.
      - We move, we fight, but we always respect (both our enemies and our friends).
      - We are confident, but we are wise. There is always a lesson to be learned.
      - We are few but we are together. We are many but we move as one.
      - We stand strong but we evolve.
      - We are active. We participate almost daily and we use the Alliance Chat to show our presence and get informed of the latest developments.
      - If we are to become unavailable for more than 3 days we notify our superior officer. If not we are dismissed.
      - We are gamers but we are humans. Real Life comes first.

      We are recruiting through trial. We meet our members in the battlefield, we select and get selected.

      Happy Hunting!

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