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      Hi, I had this idea to change the role of the militia in CoW. Now it's a unit the will only build less. But I think the militia can be a useful unit for us as MP or home guard.

      I think we need to split the militia in two. Half the cost and half the fighting abilities.

      In fact: (Militia 2.0)
      Cost: 150 grain + 125 goods + 800 men + 300 bucks
      Upkeep: 30 grain + 40 men

      fighting abilities will be nearly halft for all levels, except the militia gets a bonus +25% in cities.

      Why this will be good for the game? We get in this way a cheap and fast to produced unit, to fight against riots and can be placed along the coastline to spot and protect the nation.

      Important is that all militia units for the AI will be doubled!

      Would you like to play with your friends in a game where gold is banned?

      Watch for the next season starts in September!
    • I agree. Militia are a slow and expensive unit in most cases.

      I think that having them be slow is good.

      As for cutting cost and combat stats in half: How about half the cost gets you half the offensive stats, but they keep fairly good defensive stats.

      I would also suggest on this plan that they get a strength bonus in Cities. If we are looking at militia as citizen soldiers, they should be fairly effective anywhere they have lots of buildings or trees to hide behind. If they have much higher defensive stats than offensive stats their strength bonus in a city would not help an attacker use mlitia, but it would help a defender getting overrun. Perhaps enough of a strength bonus that two militia in a city would be enough to prevent rebellion.
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    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      As for cutting cost and combat stats in half: How about half the cost gets you half the offensive stats, but they keep fairly good defensive stats.
      I've been thinking about something similar for militia.

      As it stands, militia are grotesquely overpowered in limited situations ---- their +75% strength in forest and hills terrain makes them significantly stronger than conventional and motorized infantry regiments that are available on the same game day. That's just completely wrong from a historical perspective. There was no such thing as a militia unit of any nation that could have gone toe-to-toe in a stand-up fight with a line infantry regiment of the regular armies of Britain, Germany, Japan, the Soviet Union or the United States. Unlike a line infantry regiment, a militia regiment would not have had a heavy weapons company of heavy machine guns and mortars, nor would they would have a battalion or regimental-level artillery battery. Nor would militia have been particularly well trained in the hand-to-hand combat in which line infantry regiments of the major powers would have excelled.

      On the other hand, even a single "elite" L7 militia unit is not strong enough to hold a province against a potential rebellion (absent hills or forests terrain bonuses) because its strength for rebellion purposes is based on its offensive strength, not its defensive strength. Given that the primary reason for their existence is to serve as a low-cost defensive/occupation unit, the simple solution would be to reverse that for rebellion purposes.

      Militia should never be a low-cost substitute for real infantry units, but their purpose could be better refined to make them more useful as cheap and effective occupation units. I would oppose any effort to increase their offensive strength or speed, because militia should be locally recruited citizens who are defending their own county or township. If you want fast-moving offensive units, try our mechanized infantry regiment.