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    • FAQ: Community Edition

      Making this to address the questions commonly asked in the help section of the chat, in detail. So that it doesn't have to be repeated so many times. Been meaning to do this for a bit, but only now have I gotten to writing this down. This will be a WIP, as I do not have the answers to every question and will likely not remember every question. This is not to overwrite the FAQ that is on this forums already, but as a solution so that some things do not have to be explained, which should usually be self-explanatory items that are core to the game functioning as a game(like explaining how you join new games), and also answer questions that require a short paragraph to answer in detail(how units heal, why is aircraft not landing on aircraft carrier, etc).

      Edit: I should add that anyone who wants to help fill this out is welcome to do so. Just make sure they are questions that require more detail to them. Questions that can be answered in one sentence shouldn't be added, as I think the people who give help in the help chat are usually fairly good at handling such questions with reliability.
      • Can I change country?
      No. Rounds do not let you change country once you have chosen one, either by randomization or free choice. If you want to be a specific country, join a new round that has country selection in it's options.
      • Why can't my airplanes fly to the aircraft carrier?
      Any number of things. First and foremost, make sure your carrier is out of 'dock'. Aircraft can not land on the carrier if it has not moved from where it finished building. Second, check and make sure that the aircraft can land on the carrier. Only interceptors, naval bombers, and level 4 and above tactical bombers can go on carriers, and having units mixed in which can not land on the carriers means the units in the stack that are capable also can not land on the carrier. Also, if the stack is beyond a certain size, it can not land on the carrier because it'll go over what the carrier can hold. If you do all of that and it still doesn't work like it should, make a bug report.
      • Is friendly fire possible from artillery?
      No. The only unit which can cause harm to your units is nuclear weapons, which have a very large AoE.

      To be continued.

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    • How do I Quit a game?
      How do I stop playing?
      How do I surrender?

      The feature you are looking for here is called "Archive a game" When you move a game to your archive it accomplishes all of these things.

      The process is fairly simple: You simply need to click the little "i" button in the upper right corner of the game tile on the "my games" selection screen, and select "move to archive"

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    • How do I get more food?
      How do I produce more food?
      Why am I out of food?

      Food production and management has a lot of factors. The two quickest answers:

      1) Barracks use a lot of food. If you aren't producing infantry or militia at the moment you can turn barracks off. You do this from the province list.

      Click above the barracks column to sort the list

      Click on each bararcks icon to disable it.

      You should disable ALL barracks. Level 1 barracks that are damaged are already disabled and don't use food, but when you capture a level 2 barracks it is usually damaged. Initially you may not realize it, but a damaged Level 2 or level 3 barracks does consume food daily.

      2) Improve food production.

      You need to build Industrial complexes and Infrastructure on your core food producing provinces.

      Again open the province list, this time click the top of the resource column. You may have to click it a second time, but it will display your provinces in order of food production highest to lowest.

      The top three provinces are my core provinces. Those produce the most. I already have a level 3 infrastructure and a level 5 industrial complex built in those provinces. This combination doubles the production of the province from the unimproved level.

      This of course takes time. One of the less understood parts of this game is that your first priority is to build a good economy. With a strong economy you can support a large army, and support a large empire.

      Really by waiting until you have a food crisis to learn this you have missed the boat. A strong economy starts on the first day. Planning out what you need to be able to feed the world once you conquer it is a big part of this game. You need rare materials to start level 1 industry on every single food province you own or capture, so I start planning for rare material production on the first day. Followed closely by Goods and Steel. Oil production is quite important for building infrastructure as well.

      I try to strike a balance between building economy and units of war. A method that has worked with some sucess for me is to prioritize this way when resources are tight a few days into the game. One day I will start units producing at all of my industrial centers, and if I have any leftover resources I will build industrial complexes and infrastructure. The next day I will start an industrial complex or infrastructure in all of my core resource provinces, and if I have any resources left over I will start more units. I alternate back and forth to get a good balance.
      War is a game that is played with a smile. If you can't smile, grin. If you can't grin keep out of the way til you can. - Winston Churchill

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