The Plan P

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    • Good to the community, my name is Jack, today will bring a very interesting theme of the second world war, the theme is simple, The Plan P.

      What was the Plan P? The Plan P, was a secret plan belonging to the second Spanish Republic

      , which consisted in ending the revolt of the rebels with the support of the allies and attack with the help of Germany and Italy since Germany and Italy were helping the rebels. If this plan had been carried out, World War II had begun much earlier, France and Britain were prepared to help the Republic.

      But the Republican Government could not contacted with the French Government and the Government of the British due to the war conditions.A real shame, the plan drawn up by the field marshal Republican Vincent red Lluch is regarded in Spain as one of the most complicated and strategic 20th century plans.

      According to several historians, if the Plan P the Spanish Republic had carried out had won the war and World War II would have been perhaps something before.,in addition to that the Republic had allied with the Soviet Union.

      Ultimately, the Plan P was a plan that may have changed the history of Europe and perhaps the world. A greeting and I hope that this theme liked. :)

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    • Butter Ball Bill wrote:

      I don't think it would've worked too well. Germany would've gotten air superiority over the Brits.
      It was 1937, and if the plan had worked, the second Spanish Republic already had a plan of military industrialization supported by France and Great Britain, in addition to who was then Germany was allied with Japan...

      The Plan P may have been a plan that would have changed history.

      A greeting.
    • Butter Ball Bill wrote:

      The Republicans had support coming from Britain, France and the USSR. France and UK gave troops(volunteers) while the USSR used Spain as a testing ground. A lot of support yet they still lost.
      I'm sorry, but you are wrong,and I'm going to tell why: the Second Republic only had support through volunteers, voluntary without military experience mostly,and the support of the USSR was almost ineffectual because of the distance. While the rebels had German and Italian support and support was military and high-efficiency.

      But if the Plan P had thrown, the Republic had won.

      A greeting.
    • From what I heard, Italy helped on putting down the rebels, using bombers even, while the Germans send tanks for field testing. I also read that the Spanish were helping the Italians but I maybe wrong.

      What's complicated about history is guessing how alternate events have an effect to the present, if spain join the axis, then the allies would have a difficult time on Africa, and on the Atlantic. If they joined the Allies from the start they will face heavy German attack, because hitter will see them a hinderance and don't want to have any loose ends when he attack the soviets, if they remain neutral and join the allies later, it will be insignificant but will surely speed up the war.

      In our timeline they remain neutral so the plan never went ahead.
      "Victory needs no explenation, defeat allows none"
      -imperium thought of the day
    • Yup, the Spanish civil war is a large testing grounds for Germany, Italy, and the soviets that would later be used in the war. The war would have go differently if spain and other neutrals join a side, Turkey join late in the war and did insignificant help to the allies. Spain was the only "power" among them that stayed neutral till the end, but it was understandable because of the civil war.
      "Victory needs no explenation, defeat allows none"
      -imperium thought of the day