Bug : Un-unselectable unit

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    • Bug : Un-unselectable unit

      This is game 2146790. I am Germany, and i am encountering problems with the 62nd Medium Tank division (K62). (Location Spain, Soria).
      1) The unit can be selected as in located and touchable, but once selected, although the composition of the unit stays up, all the other buttons do not work, and the "grey arrow" indicating the unit was selected, turns back to white.
      2)The unit therefore cannot move, either with the drag button, the move button.
      3)The unit therefore cannot be split.
      4)The composition tab of the unit stays even when I click elsewhere, I have the unit menu (with the buttons not working) following me as I click around.
      5)Yes, I refreshed the page, yes I remember the unit being there, yes my internet connection is good, yes all the other units are alright...

      Any mods? Help on this bug would be greatly appreciated, as the unit seems to sit there, but not be "usable". :wallbash :wallbash
    • For something that specific you will need to submit a bug report from your game.

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