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      Dear Generals,

      first of all we would like to apologize for any inconveniences during our latest downtime, which took place on December 5th. The reason for our gameservers not being reachable were endlessly repeated calls which resulted into a massive amount of emails being sent, which in turn caused some servers to overload. We have reviewed the incident and have started taking measures that similar issues won’t occur in the future.

      On a more happy note we would also like to inform everyone about our new feature which will go live, also for running games, in approximately one week, with our next release: the Home Defense Bonus feature for units in core provinces. Armies fighting in their own core provinces receive a home defense bonus of 15%, which functions in the same way as the fortress defense bonus. To check out the defense modifiers of armies, select the army on the map and hover over the defense icon next to the current strength value in the upper right corner of the army menu at the bottom of the screen. With this new feature we would like to protect the starting provinces of players a bit more to give players more safety when expanding and not losing core provinces later in the game.

      You can check the home defense already in beta games if you are a frontline pioneer and give us feedback in the forums.

      Your Call of War team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • It appears to work on both the strength and as a damage deflection if I am understanding this correctly.

      From the Frontline game I have:

      A level two infantry out of the core has a standard strength of 3.0.


      While an equivalent level infantry in the core shows strength of 3.4, and a 15% "shield" in the place the fortress number would be.
      So it appears the way I would read this that there is BOTH a 15% increase in strength and a 15% damage deflection. I have not tested this theory in battle, so I do not know for sure.
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    • MontanaBB wrote:

      Hmmm. Fifteen percent of 3.0 is 0.45. Why does the enhanced strength not round up to 3.5 in your example?
      For that you will have to get the explanation from one of the programming geniuses that lurk here. Seems to be similar to a discussion on the rounding of defensive values of Mech infantry from earlier this year. I don't know the right lingo, so I say it has to do with simply showing only one decimal place, rather than rounding.
      War is a game that is played with a smile. If you can't smile, grin. If you can't grin keep out of the way til you can. - Winston Churchill

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    • It is not always guaranteed that your units will receive 15% less damage since this is only part of the full damage calculation which also includes the x-factor as you all know. In the end of a longer combat you should have roughly 15% more hit points left compared to your enemies fighting in your core provinces.
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • Hi, to clarify:

      The Home Defense bonus does both, it increases the strength value of a unit (attacking & defending damage) by 15% and it also decreases the damage of incoming attacks by 15%.

      In a fight 100 units vs 100 units, you should have roughly 15%-20% units left on the side with home defense (+- some units due to x-factor).

      An explanation will be added to the CoW manual.
    • I like this add-on. On Conflict of Nations they have fortification bonus when sitting at a province capital, and I wished they'd do something like that here on CoW. I like this version better because it affects you anywhere in core provinces; which makes sense. If you owned the region, you'd know most of it like the back of your hand.
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    • There seems to be a glitch in that I was watching enemy troops move from A. I watched them become idel at their destination B, then I fired rockets and viola they magically reappeared at the start place A moving towards the destination B...lost 5 rockets

      I invested 15000 gold into this game and all these glitches the last 3 days not able to log in 504 error no gateway found has been a total waste for me
    • Personally, I think there is already enough bonus for people who defend compared to people who are on offense. Defense is higher than offense for most units and you can build fortress to add even more defense. I wouldn't like to play a game where everyone stay on their position and wait for others to attack. Don't make it too easy for happy campers!

      Just my opinion, I'll still enjoy the game, don't worry ;p
    • The home defense bonus applies only if you are controlling your core province. If the enemy controls it, then you don't get a defense bonus.
      If you are being overrun, it might delay the advance some. The attacker might need more forces than he would previously need. in most cases, it probably won't save you.

      If the defender doesn't have a fort, then the home defense bonus helps the defender some.

      If the defender has a fort plus the home defense bonus, he/she might be able to hold out for some time. With a level 1 fort and some defending troops in an urban province, I was able to hold out for quite awhile. Don't know if the attackers were aware of the change. They may have been scratching their heads and thinking what is going on. It didn't hurt that I had artillery firing at them too.

      Players will have to consider the home defense bonus when attacking another's core provinces. It changes the tactical dynamics a lot. If the attacker and defender have the same type and quantity of units in their stacks, the defender of a core province will almost always win.
      For instance an AC vs. AC now strongly favors the defender in core province that he controls. An AC will actually have some defensive value against the lone AC blitzer. It may even be worth squeaking in an AC upgrade.

      A LT vs. LT now strongly favors the defender in core province that he controls.

      It also may buy the defender some time to bring up reserves.
      An advance between strong players will require more thought and probably some modification of tactics.

      If one side has overwhelming force, the 15% home defense won't save the other person.

      The interesting cases will be where both sides have approximately equal armies and resources.

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