Gaming for employed adults.

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    • Gaming for employed adults.

      Sometimes, for some people, a push notification on their phone, about CoW is just a distraction from what they are really doing.

      They can game now and then, it's a blue moon when they can log in for 16 hours straight.

      From my experience, They are more likely to log in weekly, be far better able to spend, less tolerant to loose a dozen hours because some aggressive bastard on the other side of the map killed all the level 12's in his area and has a world beating position despite having nothing but light tanks and militia.

      Less able to get into a 12 hour air war, when their opponent is online.

      People with something else to do in their lives than play CoW.

      I am not expecting a lot of people like that to be active on the forums. I expect they would move on.

      Between now and when I get bored with the idea, I'll be promoting it here.

      Give me a game that I can play at 25 times speed on a wednesday afternoon.
      Give me opponents that have put down an hour of real wages, to be here.