Android apps vs. mobile platform

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    • Android apps vs. mobile platform


      I'd like to hear people who play with Android apps.

      Is it better than the mobile platform? Do you play only with the apps or your play on your computer too?

      Is there lot of difference with the mobile platform or it's mostly the same, just a little faster?

      I like this game, I asked my friend to try. He play only on I-pad and I couldn't help him because i play on laptop. For laptop it goes very well but on his side, the mobile game seems very limited and slow, difficulty to select all units, etc... He left the game. I told him that there will be an iOS app in the near future so he might reconsider. Since I expect iOS app to be similar to Android app, this is the reason of all my question above...

    • Well, I would not be so sure about the mobile version, it's not so convenient at all, but for the PC it's convenient to see everything on the big screen, and you do not need to constantly look at the small screen of your phone to look at your province or unit.
      I play on my laptop and I'm very happy with it!
    • I play almost exclusively via Android app. I just don't have time to be on PC much anymore. The app is okay. Not great, but okay. I would much rather play on the browser version. The app lacks many features, such as private messages, alliance maintenance, coalition creation (they said that was fixed, it is not), no fire control for High Command, the list goes on.

      The app is an acceptable alternative if needed, but they have a lot of work to do in order to get it on par with mobile gaming.

      Note: The app is in an 'unreleased state', there will be issues leading up to official release, I'm sure. Just takes time and money.
      Pax Romana Communications Officer

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      I prefer mobile apps. Because mobile is the main source of communication. Everything can be done though mobile. We can do a group video call by using mobile apps. Find the current location. And others thing can do easily by using mobile apps.