Update and fix on research and map, Diplomacy update

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    • Update and fix on research and map, Diplomacy update

      As my first post, I want to share some ideas I got.

      On research (tree),in Soviet one, there should be T-34/85 instead of T-44 and T-44 should be instead of T-5? .
      Also, in German one, there should be Stug III in Tank Destroyer research.

      About research,too. All countries research tree should contain secret projects, like You are able to choose either tank, ship or plane. For example: German research tree contains Landkreuzers as secret projects for tanks. These projects are expensive and take 3-7 days to build, but they are very strong, while still ,for example, slow.

      In all maps, about Estonia, Narva province should be replaced with Tartu, as Tartu is(and was, too) bigger and more important than Narva.

      About diplomacy, there should be peace conferences, with option if both players/AI and player accept it starts conference. And of course, vassals should be too, but only as AI.
      And there should be a way to make non-core other-core provinces to Your core provinces, too.

      Thanks for reading and I'm ready for any questions! :)