elite AI/popularity

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  • elite AI/popularity

    I've been playing an FP elite AI game and the popularity seems glitchy. As of yesterday, day 19 I had declared war a total of about 5 times. My average popularity was in the high 50s I believe. I unintentionally started a war without declaring, which I know has more severe popularity penalties. This dropped the average to around the mid 30s. At day change it seems my popularity took a dramatic nose dive to 8% on average and 2% for a lot of individual countries. It seems that maybe if it is less than 50-ish it enteres a downward spiral. Besides, that no AI have lowered their status to embargo or war, despite the whole map "hating" me. For example, Albania had given me share map previously, but I'm only at 1% popularity with it and I would think it would embargo or declare with such a low opinion of me. Just seems like a lot of stuff is messed up with the popularity and corresponding status change behavior.
  • Hello,

    I was about to post on the exact same issue. On game #2203209. Elite AI worked properly until day 2 (Dec. 24th). AI made two trade embargo on two different players and it gave me a right of way. After those two days, no more trade embargo on anyone, no war declared the whole game and no more right of way or shared map. It acts like a normal AI in terms of diplomacy but still produce and build like an AI elite.

    We all paid 5000 gold (x25 = 125,000 gold) and we don't get what we paid for! For me it changed the game because I'm one of the most popular but I get no advantage out of it since day 2. I'm a small country and I could sell/buy at better price if embargo/war was on.

    Thanks for your continuous support.
  • There are not currently any known bugs with Elite AI, or any open bug reports about this. If you both can submit a bug report from within your game please it could get put on the list.

    Anyone else seeing issues like this?
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