Pax Français - (1927 Alternate History Roleplay) FEW SPACES LEFT!

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    • Puggelsdaman

      Russian Empire

      With tensions in Europe rising the Russian Empire shall not fall. We shall not crumble. We shall rise and Flourish. We shall not be the lighter but we will be the hot air balloon rising with the flames.

      Joseph Stalin
      Ottoman empire

      I agree
      I agree
      I agree
    • pieguy13

      Romainian Empire


      President Cathrine Davidson


      Rival- Ottomans


      Romainia, with it's first women president, and becoming a democracy will support it's old ally Germany still, and will support it's ally after removing ties with France. Romainia hopes to find a peacefull resolution with the Ottomans, but tensions are brewing. President Chathrine hopes to become peacefull with all nations unless provoked.
    • In-game name: dbuck2001
      Country: Romanian Empire
      Ideology: Monarch
      Name of Leader: Charles I of Romania
      Capital: Bucharest
      Ally: German Empire
      Rival: Ottoman Empire

      The Romanian Empire has had to upgrade and expand its Army & Navy, since being in the losing side The Ottoman Empire has raided, raped and destroyed Romanian Empire infrastructure. It is allied with The German Empire it is one strong relationship, they are seeking new allies to help fight against its enemies The Ottoman Empire & The French Empire. There is hope in turning the table on Old Enemies.

      I Agree
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      I Agree

      As Romanian Empire is already picked will go with

      British Empire
      King Charles I of England
      Ally: The German Empire, USA
      Enemy: The French Empire

      It is time for the British people to take back what has been stolen for to many years.

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    • JoJoJo2103

      French Empire

      Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy:

      King: Napoleon IV
      President: Marc Roisseau


      German Empire

      The French Empire still boasts the Greatest Empire on Earth, but times are grim, as surrounding countries have no kindness towards the French, and with the Romanians and Ottoman's facing up for another War, France will have to stand strong to support the Ottomans and defeat the Germans. At the same time, France's old enemy, Britain looks menacingly at the French over the Channel.

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      I Agree
      Rule Brittania
    • Most likely gaining the role of America this makes things hard. I either involve my self in the conflicts of Europe Or I create my own faction power house In the Americas and Asia, but If I do choose to fight in Europe I either support the Romanian Empire and crush- Liberate France and its puppet states. Or I support the french and declare a war on the British to get Revenge for the war of 1812. So many possiblities
    • In game Name :Maracel II
      Country : Italian Empire
      Ideology : Absolute Monarchy
      Duce :Joachim V of Murat
      Capital :Rome
      Allies France
      Rivals : German Empire

      During the European War Italy was victim of attacks by Germany. In 1923 with an uneasy truce made Benito Mussolini took over the country with Its precedent leader Joachim V fleeing to France. However the Facists planned to break away from France and join the Germans so the Military Revolted in 1924 leading to a civil war in Italy. Aftr the Civil War Benito Mussolini was executed for crimes against the King of Italy as Joachim V came back in power in 1926. With Italy now united they must face their old enemies once more in a epic rematch of revenge sice the European War.

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      I Agree

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    • Give your In-game Name: worldwar2history

      Give the Country you want to play as Quebec

      And (by your own creativity) give it's

      Ideology - Uhh, same as french
      Name of Leader - Narcisse Pérodeau PC
      Capital - Quebec City
      And Select a Country to be your Rival - USA

      I Will pay full attention to give away/gain any provinces in the Land Swap at the beginning of the game. (I agree/I disagree) Agree

      I Intend to obey the rules. (I agree/ I disagree) Agree

      I will use good grammar and good spelling (I agree/ I disagree) Agree


    • Game Name: Malak316
      Country: Iberian Union

      Ideology - Republic
      Name of Leader - Miguel de Rivera
      Capital - Madrid
      Rival - France


      With the Spanish and Portuguese Royal families being deposed and removed from power, Napoleon created the Iberian Union as a Republic and ally state. Over time however the Iberian people began to feel less like and ally and more like a puppet state with its young men being expected to take up arms and support France in its wars. As resentment continued to grow, by 1920 and the War in Europe the Iberian Union was ready to break its ties to France and join the Germany/Romanian/Russian alliance and take up arms against its former ally or master as many felt. The end results of the War in Europe did not end well for the Iberian Union due to France invasion of Northern Spain and has led to growing dessent between the Spanish and Portuguese sides of the Union. This along with the election of formal General Miguel de Rivera as President as led many within the Union to wonder what the future of the Iberian Union will be.

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    • Game Name: someonecool
      Country: The Republic of China

      Ideology: Dictatorship
      Name of Leader: Liu Zi Jing (劉子敬)
      Capitol: Chengdu
      Rival: Japan

      Agree, but I might not be on for a day here and there depending on how busy I am

      The Republic of China ( a republic in name only) formed from the remains of the Qing Dynasty following a recent revolt of the peasants. Liu Zi Jing, one of the leaders of the revolt, murdered the other leaders to take control of China by himself. In attempts to keep control, he sent out military units to impose iron rule over the people and transformed the government into a dictatorship, with him in charge and only the closest of allies as members of his council. After taking control and enforcing his rule over all of China, Liu Zi Jing decided to deal with the threats of Japan, who have posed a threat for a long time. With the leadership of Liu Zi Jing and possibility of an alliance with other strong countries, the Republic of China hopes to become a strong power and influence in the East.

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    • Give your In-game Name: GeneralSnap

      Give the Country you want to play as: Australia

      With the fall of India; Australia is now Britain's bastion in the Pacific and the most precious colony. Although the country has a low population and is not very industrialized, young Australians have a very enthusiastic spirit to fight and serve for the British Empire. Australia has never left Britain's side and Australia is loyal to the Empire. Australians find that it is their responsibility to protect other minor British colonies in the Pacific. But there is trouble brewing... With the recent events in Europe, Australia may find itself dragged into another war. With the great depression taking its toll on the world, Australian economy is on its last legs and another war could be the final blow. However Australian spirit will never be broken and Australia will always fight for the Empire and Australians will preserve their country.

      Ideology - democracy
      Name of Leader - Daniel Smith
      Capital - Canberra
      And Select a Country to be your Rival - French India

      I agree

      I agree

      I agree
    • Give your In-game Name: Andrei2004

      Give the Country you want to play as: Iberian Union

      Ideology - Bigger, Faster, Powerfull.
      Name of Leader -Andrei
      Capital - Madrid
      And Select a Country to be your Rival - Greater Poland

      I Will pay full attention to give away/gain any provinces in the Land Swap at the beginning of the game. I agree
      I Intend to obey the rules. I agree
      I will use good grammar and good spelling. I agree

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