Role Play Match-10 Players/Recruitment

    • Role Play Match-10 Players/Recruitment

      Hi to all.

      I am going to create a role-play match and I am looking for people that want to play it.
      These are the general characters:

      -Languaje: Spanish or English. I am from Argentina but I can create a role-play match in English if most player speak that languaje.

      -Elite AI

      -Country Selection

      -Map: Blitzkrieg 1939 or Europe Road to War

      -Anonymous round.

      -Number of players: 10

      -No peace period, or 1-day player-peace period no more.

      The idea is that all players write at least one note per day in the paper of the match. If you can write more than that it will be great.
      I am trying to obtain an special permission to pay the match to all players.

      If you are interested please write here or send me a private message with a free article like those you can write in the paper to evaluate if you are the kind of player we need.
      A journalist, a friend mine, will evaluate your conditions in base of your redaction.

    • Bio: 14 years old
      Currently taking journalism and 8th grade level writing and 2 years of basic Spanish.

      Country: USSR (Russia)
      Government: Socialist
      Leader: Joseph Stalin
      Capital: Kremlin, Moscow current head quarters of the state

      History: the Great War gave birth to October Revolution plotted by Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky and others. Lenin and leon would both die following the Establishment of the USSR leaving Stalin to rule the country. Stalin's dream to rebuild the Union has inspired millions to join the military

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    • Bio- 18

      Country: USA
      Government - Fascist
      Leader Andreas Tarkov
      Capital - Atlanta Georgia

      After a civil war after WW1 the fascist government has seized power in the US. The leader of the fascist party Andreas Tarkov was appointed Chancellor of the US. With the appointment of the chancellor Tarkov stated to rebuild the US military. An to make it ready for any wars possible.