Game Mistake

    • I want to call attention to this thread. If there's a screwed up province, it should be fixed for the sake of the good people of Romania.

      @Andrei2004, it would be helpful if you were to list which map you are playing on or the match number you are in. The match number is listed in the address bar of your Internet Browser. It is the number following the "gameID=" part. If you are playing on mobile, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the address bar.

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    • Andrei2004 wrote:

      I play on Europe, Clash of Nations, tag:#2208180
      Good. Now, what is the name of the in-game province name that "Craiova" is within? Is that city/region close to the border of the in-game province? If so, there might be a discrepancy in where they drew the lines. But if that's a case, please understand that the digital designers had to have some liberal artistic flair when making the maps, so geographies don't always align perfectly. An example of this is the shape of the mouth-region of the Columbia River border on the Pacific Map which did get cleaned up some for the divided USA map.

      It's also possible that they've simply got their geography wrong. But if that's the case, you can point them to the right data (local websites, wikipedia articles, etc.) that shows what the correct regional information should be.

      There's also a smaller, less likely explanation, too. The game designers sometimes tweak the settings a bit (i.e., make a province more hilly than flat) for game balance purposes. It may be that your home is a victim of that scheme. Who knows, really what the reason is for the discrepancy. But all you can do is show them the correct topography and hope that it gets changed.

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    • More than half of the province is mountainous, looks OK so for me. ;)

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    • It looks to me like the province is incorrectly drawn. Sure, the two cities at the top are in the correct alignment. But the mountains are drawn far too southerly. If anything, the third city (the city in question) shouldn't be in the same region as the mountains. Of course, the mountains need a major city, but perhaps it would make sense to include one of the other cities further north of the city in question that is still south of the mountains. Then the city in question could be a part of its own province.

      I think the simplest solution would be to move the mountains to the northern end of the province, where they belong, then cut off the lower half of the province and give it (as plains) to the city in question. No new VP's or resources need to be added. This is a simple redraw of the map and an additional province added to the Romanian count. If they subdivide the Manpower and Money production, then nothing changes in the game except the map itself which would meet the sensibilities of the op who actually cares about his hometown.

      It's not that big of a deal. But it would be a token of goodwill from Bytro's devs to the community if they were to execute this map change for that fellow.

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    • Ah, Romania....the Transylvanian Alps and the Carpathian Mountains. Both mountain ranges have played such a large part in story-telling. The Transylvanian range for the homeland of the fictionalized version of Vlad Dracula of horror story lore and the Carpathian range for the naming and birthplace of the fictionalized version of the Antichrist in the Left Behind Christian novels.

      Unintentionally, Romania has given so much to the literary world.

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    • Diabolical wrote:

      II've said it before, also. That's not the point. Sometimes, a little edit here or there makes sense for multiple reasons without breaking the game.
      Well if you can give multiple reasons, please do. Pretty sure this isn't a once off occurrence on the map, so you might want to make thread where the devs redesign the entire map to be more accurate.

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