Possible Banning?

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    • Possible Banning?

      If my brother and I play on separate computers (Two Separate Google Chromebook Laptops) with two separate accounts, but in the same game, and we are in the same house so therefore on the same WiFi, does the game count that as two accounts on the same WiFi in the same game and ban both of us for "multiple accounts"?
    • Cheating is taken very seriously. If two players log in to the same ranked game from the same network that is picked up by the system and will likely lead to automatic banning. Usually there are messages first that you should reply to if you want to prove you are two separate individuals. If you ignore the messages and your account gets banned it is difficult to get your account unlocked again.

      Players sharing an IP should play separate games. It is possible to create a game with the anticheat feature turned off. In that case the anticheat system will not check for players using the same network, such as school networks. Note that such a game will be unranked and not contribute to your player level or stats.

      Always check for messages in your message tab on the main CallofWar.com page. You should also get an email if you provided a valid email address.

      If you have been banned and do not have a message or an email to reply to you can create a support ticket from the main page that will include your email address. You can use that to politely request assistance with your case.
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