[ww2 alternate stalemate]

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    • [ww2 alternate stalemate]

      The year is 1944 the Eastern front turns to s stalemate as the Germans stop the Soviet advance. Stalin asks the allies to make an attack on the Germans to open a new front. Thus the allies attempt to make operation D-day, but the operation turns south and thousands of allied troops lost. The Germans are able to hold up the Eastern front, but can't make a landing in Britain. Many loose hope of winning the war as the tide of the war does not change. In 1945 peace talks begin to open up while the Americans are on the edge of researching Nuclear weapons. Before the Manhattan project could be finished the war comes to a close as the Soviet morale is low, the number of British ships are dropping and Germans holding the theatre in Europe.
      The Peace treaty of Warsaw April 19, 1945
      - Germany take parts of Poznan and West Prussia from Poland and North East France. Germany will gain the colony of Tunisia.
      -Italy will annex Egypt and will take Yugoslavia and Greece. The colony of Djibouti and Hargeisa will be become colonies to Italy.
      -Spain will from the Iberian union and go to war with Portugal and will get Morocco from ww2.
      -America looses San Juan to S.C.S. it is to give up on its nuclear research.(The American people are also demoralized by the war.)
      -France Is to either become a puppet of Germany or will secede North Eastern France.
      -The British Raj is to be liberated and has a fascist government in place. (The Indian people are divided out the situation as they are liberated from their monarch rulers, but are still under a dictator like relationship with their over head government.)
      -USSR gains the baltic region, Northern Poland, East Prussia, Finland, Moldova, and Tannu Tuva. The Soviet Union places communist governments in Poland and Romania
      Land swap rules
      -All key land swaps are suppose be done with in 3 days. (German Tunisia can take up to 5 days)
      -Depending on what side Frances join the Axis as a German puppet or an allied nation with change what the border will look like. If France remains with the allies then Northern France is annexed to the German. If France becomes a puppet it will loose North Eastern France, but not paris.
      -Turkey becomes the Ottoman Empire annexing parts of Greece, French Syria, Iraq, and British Jordan.

      The after war period
      -the Soviet Caribbean States form becoming a threat to the United States, but an ally to the Soviet Union causing tension between the three factions.
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    • I would like to play as the United States as David Johnson The Governor of New York who won the election after the war as FDR is voted out of office in a land slide. After the war he promises to keep America out of future conflicts and declares neutrality but he starts to build up America’s armed forces waiting to see if war will resume again. He holds a grudge against the axis powers for stopping the Allied advance he tries to keep ties with the Allies powers but they have become shells of there former selves. The United States Pearl Harbor fleet has recovered and has set sail again the dominant american fleet.

      Dramos123 rank 48

      David Johnson
      Washington D.C

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    • Nation List

      nations (key)
      Germany: Pieguy13
      USSR: Freshmemes
      UK: Pugglesdaman
      America: Dramos123
      Japan: Gen Tarkov
      nations (needed)
      France: MarcelII
      Italy: S0UL_K1LLER
      Polish SSR: Jherin
      Romania SSR:
      Italian Yugoslavian State:
      Republic of Canada:
      Republic of China:
      Free State of India:
      Australia: Jojojo123
      Turkey: DerpyGuy
      nations (minor)

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    • UK
      In game Player name:Pugglesdaman
      Rank: 22

      Name of leader:Frank Ford
      Capital of country:London
      Ideology: Constitutional Monarchy

      Countries background and focus: After a tie in world war 2 the UK is looking to preserve its colonies while making new alliances to bolster their standing on the world stage
    • Germany:
      In game name: pieguy13
      Rank: Corpral 22

      Name of leader: Daivd Triumph III
      Capital: Berlin
      Ideology: Imperialist (for now)

      Country backround and focus: After the stalemate in World War 2, Germany is hoping to reesablish ties, and root out coruption from learders due to the recent war.
    • Country: Polish SSR
      In game player name: Jherin
      Rank: 43

      Name of leader: Sami Wrona
      Capital of country: Warsaw
      Ideology: Communist Puppet

      Country's background and focus: After being the first victim of the Germans' brutal blitzkrieg and being under control of both the Germans and the Soviets during WW2, the Polish state is given partial autonomy as a puppet of the Soviet Union. Destined to fight back against the Germans while also being a major line between Germany and the Soviets, the Polish realize they need to fight back hard in order to achieve success. However, Polish-Soviet relations haven't been the best, considering that the Soviets ALSO invaded Poland in 1939, and are now forced to fight and maybe die for the other reason for their downfall. For now, Sami Wrona will focus on leading his troops to victory on a brutal front.
    • Country: Soviet Union
      In Game name: Freshmemes

      Name of Leader: Joseph Stalin
      Capital of Country: Moscow
      Ideology: Communist

      Country background and focus: Stalin our glorious leader led us through ww2 and know we are better than ever. Owning the Autonomous state of the Romanian SSR and Polish SSR. We know hope to expand our ideology around the world and we are ready to defend it such as the S.C.S.

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    • Freshmemes wrote:

      Application temp must look like

      In game Player name:

      Name of leader:
      Capital of country:

      Countries background and focus:

      Gen Tarkov

      Name of leader Tojo
      Capital: Tokyo
      Country: Japan
      Ideology: Empire Of Japan aka Fascist Japan

      Countries Background and focus

      After tojo was elected tojo promised japan will soon become an empire again. But also promised to take care of the fellow Asian nations and destroy the imperialist Europeans and Americans for expanding into parts of Asia.
    • JoJoJo2103
      How do I find out?

      John Curtin
      Democratic, But with British Influence.

      In the First World War, Australians fought bravely and honourably, but there was never anything truly at risk. The threat was at a different continent and the enemy had no intentions to do anything to the Land Down Under. With this new war, the threat seems much closer to home. United under the leadership of John Curtin, Australia shall not fail to stand strong, stand proud, and stand for all of eternity.

      Sorry, I actually decided to go with the Aussies.
      Rule Brittania
    • IGN:DerpyGuy

      Leader: Mustafa İsmet İnönü
      Ideology: Imperialist

      After becoming a regional power in the years leading up to World War 2. Mustafa İsmet İnönü is determined to make his country even stronger and has ordered the development of the air force and navy.
    • RULES OF WAR, Rebellion, Puppets, and over all game play.
      * In order to make a country surrender you must take 3 keep cities of importance or you must capture 10 -15 core provinces.
      * Must make a post per day or banned from game unless you have a good reason.
      * A puppet state must follow what their over lord tells them to do such as selling them units, handing over land, and can only gain autonomy either by their over lord or by a winner of a war against their over lord.
      * A rebellion can occur if their over lord "abuses" their powers and must conspire over 3-5 days.
      * No abuse or threats used against players.
      * All players must agree to the rules or be kicked.
    • Italy
      In game Player name: S0UL_K1LLER
      Rank: 29

      Name of leader:
      Capital of country: Rome
      Ideology: Facist

      Countries background and focus:
      After establishing control over yugoslavia and stalmating the italian goverment is trying to increase their military backround and become militarly supperior to the other countrys