Call to Arms

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    • Call to Arms

      Dear generals,

      are you busy fighting and organizing your troops in the latest Arms Race event? Are you trying to command and lead your armies to victory in every spare moment? Then you should definitely try the new army command helper on your mobile device. Simply click on the new ‘plus’ button to add the unit to your army. This way you can move your map and add all relevant armies to your selection. Additionally we also added the game list information to the mobile version such as flags, last login time and if a map cannot be joined anymore you will see the button greyed out. Start using Call of War mobile now, and be one step ahead of your enemies.

      Here is the full list of changes and bug fixes:
      • We improved the icons for player, inactive player and AI player in the diplomacy overview.
      • We added additional information in the tool tip of your core provinces to make players aware of the home defense bonus.
      • You can now read awesome quotes in the loading screen, which are accompanied by different animated tanks.
      • A bug has been fixed that led to airplanes disappearing when aircraft carriers were being split. Please keep in mind that airplanes can still crash, when you move the aircraft carrier out of range of a patrolling airplane without having another airfield nearby. You will see a report about this in the newspaper.
      • Some games were displaying the wrong victory conditions, this has been fixed.
      • Read messages kept their notification icon, this has been resolved.
      • The unit production of the Elite-AI has been fixed and adjusted.
      • As mentioned above we implemented the new games list design also for mobile devices and added a new army command and an army selection helper.
      • We also added labels to the command rose for armies, which can be turned off in the settings.
      We hope you like today’s update, please give us feedback in the forums.
      Your Call of War team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • @Sasri, it's not mentioned in the announcement above, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the staff for adding the events notebook to the desktop/laptop version of the game. As I understand it, this new feature was first included in the mobile version of the game, and in the last several days it has been introduced to all games already in progress (I've seen it in two of them). It's not terribly sexy, but it is arguably the most helpful game management feature that has been added to desktop version in quite some time.

    • WayneBo wrote:

      the "Events" menu was adapted from CoN, same repetitive, redundant reports.
      Yes, Wayne, it is somewhat redundant, but the events notebook distills only the viewing player's events from those listed in the newspaper, plus it adds the higher level building completions that are not usually listed, plus the completions of units' production that was never listed anywhere. Frankly, it's a big improvement on having to use key word searches to try to find events listed in the newspaper; it's certainly better than what we had.

      You might want to look at it again. I found it to be rather useful, especially for helping track building completions on a big map with a lot of construction.
    • Sasri wrote:

      Sadly we have to remove again, since it is still in development, but now you all know what you can look forward to ;)
      If it would be just an option to use or not, that would be totally fine :)

      I can fully understand those who like this way of getting instant news and those who don't. Make it as an option and people would be much more happy and less whining :) :thumbup:

      Thick on/off might be simple in the window, which opens after clicking on the Events icon