Add a new unit for more strategy (Paratrooper)

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  • I really don't want to engage in such argue, but i'd like to point out that you disliked one of my post only because it was liked by BBB.
    1) I think he liked it because he thought that I made a good post, with solid reasons to say i'm against the paratroopers
    2) You disliked only to make the count 0 because you engaged a dislike war over your post, but you are involving someone else and this is not polite, and clearly against the netiquette (also a dislike war over yourself post is against the rules on both sides, but involving someone else is much worse)
    3) Are you sure you want to have me involved in the dislike war as well? because it can end only in two ways: either you'll find yourself with another dislike on your posts or I require the administrator of the forum to evalutate the situation and get appropriate punishments
    I'm not in the mode of going to the referee to get justice as i hope you are mature enought to understand that you did something wrong.
    Said that, I will not post anything else over this subject as it is really OT, so please avoid to reply here (i would have PM you but you set your account to forbid it)
  • i have, from what i can see not broken any of the rules, i however removed both my like and dislike off your posts, but i did not dislike it because of BBB liking it, i disliked it because you are placing blame on me for starting this so called 'dislike war' which i did not, i came onto the forums to find all BBBs posted liked by himself and mine disliked, i just tried to put this back, after which the 2 person blamed me (again) and disliked all my posts as well, also i have already asked an admin to look over this thread as i feel that i have done nothing wrong and BBB is the one causing the problem with this thread, i would also like this thread to be closed as clearly there is no agreement, despite many players agreeing with me, BBB seems to think otherwise, in addition, i will not post here again unless i have to. :thumbup: