Wrongfully Banned for something I didn't do

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  • When a ban is given in chat you are also sent a message. Check your messages on the main page and it will give you instructions for appealing the ban.

    On the main Callofwar.com page, community tab, messages, inbox.


    You may reply to that message, or you may send a message to the senior moderators. Bans will not be discussed in public, such as in chat or here in the forum.

    If you were incorrectly banned a polite message to one of the Senior Moderators will straighten your dilemma right out. Of course they will know the history of your messages as well.
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  • Normally you would create a bug report, or otherwise report the moderator in question and the report would be handled by one of my Senior Moderators, whom handle the chat and forum moderation team.

    I went into the chat log and found that you absolutely did, in fact, post this in chat.
    I take accusations on my team very seriously. Committing libel against my dedicated team members is not appreciated.
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