Some Suggestions/Improvments I have

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    • Some Suggestions/Improvments I have

      I've played this game for a bit and I have some suggestions to make the game better

      Arctic Map
      This map would be based around the arctic circle

      In real life, 8 countries border or are in vicinity of the arctic circle. Of course, some of the large countries (Russia, Canada) would have to be broken up to make the game more balanced

      Europe Cold War map
      This map would be based on Europe in 1948 during the cold war

      Units / Buildings
      Rocket Submaries
      This variant of the submarine would be able to launch rockets and nukes

      Fallout Shelter
      This building would be able to protect a certain number of units from the nuclear rocket depending on the building's level

      For example

      Lvl 1: 2 units
      Lvl 2: 4 units
      Lvl 3: 6 units

      Gameplay fixes
      Supply drop fixes
      There was a province that had a supply drop the was captured by an ally. Because I was allied with that country, it became impossible to get that supply drop.

      It would be better in which if a ally captures a province that has that supply drop for you, then you get that supply drop.

      Anyways those are all my suggestions. What do you guys think?
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