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    • Most people don't know how to play, so I will try to explain. This will not be for beginners because they probably can't understand what I say with out basic game knowledge. I will not explain how to use army in depth because too hard to explain.

      I only played 2 times in PL game and pretty much figured out what to do, part 1 will be a general PL guide. Part 2 will be basic strategy and unit guide.

      Part 1 PL 22 player game

      Day 1

      Research: Armor car, Infantry, anti tank, artillery, then interceptor, light tank or sub.
      - Only get subs now if you are reinforcing by sea early game, you can use them to secure safe landing.
      - Research and build light tank if you plan on attacking someone easy, I consider anyone with KDA against player less than 1 to be inexperienced or offline a lot if not, I don't risk it. Useful in taking someone out fast. You will lose badly or unable to takeout someone that's good unless they build poorly in the early game.

      1. Barrack + infrastructure in all cities with industry complex.
      2. Build ports in resource provinces, build them in oil provinces (you gain more oil than maintenance cost) and provinces with resources that you lack except food (I will explain later). They are expensive so don't over build them, 3 max.
      3. Build infrastructure in resource provinces preferably not food and oil, unless you lack them (Prioritise double resource province).


      2 builds on day 1 either 4 infantry or 3 infantry + 2 anti tank.
      I prefer 3 infantry + 2 anti tank

      Early game

      To be completed before day 8

      After infrastructure finish in cities build level 2 industry complex in them (if you are inexperienced), I some times go for level 2 infrastructure in metal cities or double goods cities because they give more resources at cost of build speed. get level 1 air base after that and some extra air base to connect them together.
      Make sure to keep upgrading industrial complex, you decide when to get level 2 air base but don't do it in capital early game because it's usually a double goods city. So better to upgrade in a single goods city and continue to upgrade industrial complex in capital. Also build or upgrade infrastructure in resource provinces, you won't have enough resources for all of them so your choice. Make sure to use up as much resources as possible.

      When you finish artillery research spam them until you have 10+-2 artillery, only build artillery until you have that much unless you are reinforcing by sea.
      If you are reinforcing by sea, build subs as well I usually stop at 5 but you can build more if you want.
      After that, build up anti air around 10, you will be fine with less because bombers are weak early game and most people don't have a lot of them right now.
      At the same time build interceptors when finish level 1 air base and keep building them.

      With this build, you should have built 3 infantry, 2 anti tank, around 10 artillery, around 7 anti air, 12-15 interceptor(less if you built bombers but I don't mass build bombers until they are level 2) , 6-7 subs. If you don't plan focus on navy, which you some times don't need to, you can have more other units.

      Research to be completed before day 8 (you don't need to build all of them but they should be researched) :

      armored car level 1
      infantry level 2
      artillery level 1
      light tank level 1
      interceptor level 1
      bomber level 1
      anti air level 1
      submarine level 2
      naval bomber or destroyer level 1

      The aim of this build is balanced army that can take out any army unless they are similar build. You should be able to build amry non stop if you take out 1 Ai country with 40 Vp and some small countries but might take some practice. Ai usually will have level 2 industrial complex in some cities by day 3 so if you delay capturing a city to start of day 3 there is a good chance that you will get a level 2 industry complex that can be used to build things but this is not that important.

      Sell food early game , unless you only have 2 food provinces in which case you can choose to sell less, if i get a country with 3 food province, I sell all food ASAP, use add sell offer on market price, set price to be over 5, Ai will buy them. You will be low on goods, metal early game so buy them. Try not sell too much oil unless if you are Egypt with a lot of oil, otherwise it will limit your late game unit production.

      I don't use spies early game because I m always resources and use up money to buy things, if someone sabotage you, just ignore it, they don't do much damage in small numbers and if they use a lot of them, then they won't be able to have a strong economy.

      What you build after that will depend on experience, too much possibilities and I can't be bothered explaining.

      Mid and late game

      I won't cover in depth mid and late game because I m lazy but I will still say some basic things.

      - Mass air with artillery,anti air + balanced mix of other unit stack is the best strategy (although inexperienced players don't know how to use air), If you are behind on air power, catch up by only building fighters and adding a lot of anti air to your army.
      - If you get naval blockaded (enemy send a lot of subs to your port, you naval units get killed when finished building) give up on navy and fight back with naval bombers in large group or you can ignore it.
      - Rockets are useful but I suggest not building too much, good player will keep units moving non stop, and they will move back if they see you trying to engage them in fight if you try to force engagement by splitting up unit, they will split some to block you off.

      I will write part 2 later

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    • Part 2

      For part 1 only use it as a general guide, after you understand how it works you should make your strategy flexible so you don't get countered.
      Part 2 will give info on how each type of unit can be used.
      Some game mechanics might be changed later but works now 100% from my experience.


      Air require a lot of skill to be used well and the difference in skill is easy to identify just by looking at how someone uses air.


      Used to gain air superiority, can be used to attack artillery, and on small units of armor car, light tank etc if in large numbers. Direct attack should be used if enemy can't counter attack you while refueling because of how damage is rounded, I will explain that later.


      Used to attack ground units, but their damage against armor is low at the start. They are weak early game (relatively) but get stronger on later on. Can deal with all types of ground units even anti air (although not a cost effective if 1v1).

      Naval bombers

      If you lose initial naval fight and enemy block your ports, this is the only way to regain naval control. They trade cost effectively against all naval units except cruiser. They are the only unit that can scout submarines when they are not engaged in combat.

      Strategic bombers

      Useful if you have air superiority , you will be able to bomb unprotected cities and destroy buildings or you can destroy unprotected cities when enemy is offline. But really expensive requiring level 3 air base and research cost is really expensive, more effective for large maps.

      How to use

      - If you use direct attack with planes your planes will go back to refuel, when they are refueling they will be counted as infantry with 5 hp and no combat stat. You might get counter attacked by enemy planes or rockets.

      - Good idea to group bombers and interceptors together when attacking directly or with patrol because it spreads damage between both units.

      - If you directly attack a ground unit with enemy planes patrolling over it you will deal 75% attack damage to ground unit and 25% attack damage to enemy planes, but you will take 100% defense damage from both planes and ground unit. If you use patrol instead, you will take 25% defense damage from both unit and deal 25% attack damage spread between both units.

      - You can check for enemy plane and rocket range by clicking on march with your own plane and mousing over enemy province with air port, the dotted line will show you plane range from that province. Assuming you have same tech as enemy, if not estimate your self.

      - Sometimes people leave planes on patrol within patrol range of your planes when they are offline, you can patrol your planes over it and only let your enemy attack (every 15 min) by cancelling the patrol of your own planes every 15 min by changing the patrol to another location within enemy patrol range.
      Doing this will allow effective trade even if you have slightly less or even number of planes. The key is to split your planes into multiple groups (don't attack if you do so other wise you will lose badly) preferably 5 (planes lose stat efficiency at over 5).

      Assuming enemy planes left on patrol while offline they will have either 1 big group (they attack with less efficiency) or multiple small groups (they attack as individual groups and take full damage from all your groups). Both scenario will result in victory for you as long as you remember to cancel the attack order.

      There is a way of doing it losing no units, split all planes into single units (1 int + 1 bomber is ok), the damage enemy do to your planes will be spread evenly (not 100% but close) this spread damage to among all planes. The enemy will take more damage in the long term and you less damage due to you not losing planes and doing more damage. You will probably end up with a lot of badly damaged planes which can be healed at day change(you heal a % of hp lost, so you heal more the more damaged your units are). This will make your game lag and I don't advise doing it unless you really want to win. I only did it once then felt bad for the other player and stopped doing it.

      - When planes sent on patrol, they will have an angled range that the patrol can be changed to, they can be centered on the location you tell your planes to patrol at the start. If you want to cover multiple locations with plane patrol, make plane initial patrol to the center of the are you want to cover, then you can check whether you got everything covered(the green area when you click on patrol again) .

      - Planes vision = Area of plane patrol , if enemy have planes patrolling over your units, you can send your planes to patrol over the edge of your units (enemy might notice based on damage they take but they won't see you). So when you do it, I suggest patrolling with a at a more forward position so you will be able to see when enemy patrol over their units, some people with make their planes patrol to cover their own units near the end of the 15 min then move out after so watch carefully when your planes are about to attack. You might not be able to do this if you do not have the range on your planes.

      - When 2 groups of plane groups have their patrol area overlapping (not their patrol location overlapping) both groups will damage each other (you might not have vision) both groups will take damage like patrol. Although the damage amount is weird, it probably prefer large groups with a more variety of planes. This doesn't work when you have ground units under enemy patrol area (I think not 100% sure).
      I lost more with 12 interceptor 1 bomber against enemy 8 interceptor 4 bomber.

      - It is ok to attack enemy groups with anti air but you will need a lot of planes (not accounting enemy air force). I suggest following the following conditions if you have no idea, all conditions must be met.

      1. If enemy have anti air to other units ratio of less than 2.5
      2. If you have same amount of bombers and equal number of fighters preferably more.
      e.g. 30 unit stack with 10 anti air, if you have 10 bomber + 10 fighter you can deal with it (assuming level 3 bomber you will need more if lower on tech) , you can take that unit out but you will still take a lot of damage and I wouldn't do it unless if I m desperate. I would do it 100% if I have 15 bombers + 15 interceptors. Do not split up when attacking such a large group (even though you lose efficiency, you will take less damage overall).
      The number of planes to anti air should be increased by 50% if not doubled if enemy have both anti air and sp anti air, even then I suggest weakening the enemy stack first ground units before attacking with air.

      - When you attack group unit that is split , e.g 1 group without anti air and 1 group with anti air, if they are close it will still count as you attacking both unit together, I have good idea of the exact range but can't explain here.

      - If you attack enemy air units patrolling with a direct attack and there is enemy ground units nearby, it will also count as attacking both unit but I can't explain the exact range here.

      - When enemy have small amount of units and you have large amount of planes, I suggest using patrol, this is due to damage rounding (hp vs damage done ratio) which makes you take less damage, otherwise use direct attack (damage rounding will still occur but less influence on damage).

      When you take a really low amount of damage compared to the total health of the entire unit group the damage will be rounded down (some times you take 0 damage). If you have more damage compared to enemy but they have more hp then direct attack will force the enemy to take damage, once the enemy numbers are lower, patrol should work normally.

      - Only level 3 interceptor, level 3 bomber and naval bomber (forgot which level but less than 3) can be put on aircraft carrier, really useful as a mobile airbase. You can have full capacity of planes if you think you can scout enemy properly, other wise keep a few more aircraft carrier in case you lose some, be prepared to sacrifice some units to let the rest escape.

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    • Ground

      Artillery and Sp artillery
      Very useful as the only ranged ground unit, artillery have 5 hp , sp artillery have 10 hp , Sp artillery have faster speed. Level 3 artillery will increase range from 60 to 70km , blueprint unit have 80 km range. Not mean't for close quarter combat.

      Anti air and Sp anti air
      Useful to defending against air units, you can't defend with planes when you are offline if the enemy have similar amount of planes to you. The enemy can destroy your planes method mentioned in air combat section.

      Infantry, Motor infantry, Mech infantry
      Useful in all game and all rounded unit although don't build too much. More defense than attack.

      Motor infantry really useful as a fast unit, with infantry armor, can doesn't get countered by anti tank which some people spam because so many people build tank.

      Mech infantry have vehicle armor, stronger than light tank but get countered by anti tank. 2 anti tank is enough to stop 1 mech infantry but cost much less.

      Armor car

      Faster and cheaper than light tank but at the cost of a lot of combat capability

      Light tank

      Useful in taking land fast, you can destroy enemy units with air first. It's hard to out maneuver enemy units and take land because you only have half speed in enemy land, so it doesn't work unless the enemy is extremely bad which is a lot of the cases.

      Medium tank

      More damage and health but slower compared to light tank, useful to be placed into main army.

      Heavy tank

      Really slow, maybe you can put them together with infantry artillery, anti air and units with low speed.

      Anti tank and tank destroyer

      Useful in dealing with all units with armor, tank destroyer is faster but I rarely use it because it cost oil and get countered by anti tank and even infantry.

      How to Use

      - most ground units have more defense stat than attack and defense is calculated before attack so even if units with same stats, defense is preferred. When 2 units meet while moving, they will both attack and defend against each other once, they will do it again 1 hour later.

      - To only defend you must have your unit not performing any action and enemy unit have move into your unit. After the 2 units are engaged in combat do not give your unit any command, otherwise it will attack as well. This will prolong the combat as you only defend and enemy only attack. This doesn't work if you have artillery in the group because they attack automatically, if you don't give any command, the unit will only defend if the artillery is destroyed in combat.

      - tanks and units with vehicle armor except mech infantry have half health and half damage in cities, light tank will lose to any unit with infantry armor except artillery.

      - Some people like to have artillery in the back and other units in front but that only works against bad players that don't build artillery. A good player that build artillery will attack your units in front with artillery then immediately backoff if you try to chase. whether you can catch up will depend on friendly or enemy terrain. The enemy can also attack your artillery at the back and your artillery will take more damage due to damage spread to other units for enemy.

      - There is a 50% chance that when you attack enemy artillery with your artillery, that the enemy artillery don't hit back. Only works if enemy is offline or not paying attention and even then only 50% chance. To do this, move your own artillery to attack enemy artillery watch closely when you are about to attack, immediately after the attack finish and the timer start, move your artillery out of enemy artillery range. There is a chance that the enemy artillery don't attack you immediately when you get in range.

      The trick with planes of splitting up units also work when taking damage from artillery , but don't do it for close quarter combat because it will make your units attack aswell. You just need to make the units move to different location. Artillery damage is area based so your units close to or even slightly out of artillery range will take damage when another unit in range is attacked by artillery ( I think 5 - 10 min distance not sure) . Some people fail to draw artillery fire with a single unit because of this and still take full damage.

      - If there are multiple units with in artillery range and the artillery have a lot more damage than their hp then possible to attack twice. e.g. 10 artillery with attack 1 group with 1 artillery at 20% hp and another group of 10 units both in range, the 10 artillery can kill the 1 artillery then attack again in 2 min. Happened to me multiple times, not 100%.

      - When enemy have a lot of units and chasing you use your experience and decide whether you can escape, if not better send some unit back to slow them down so the rest of your units can escape. If you don't send enough , they will get destroyed immediately not you won't be able to slow enemy.

      - If you don't have much resources, a cheap way of building army is a group of anti tank + anti air + artillery. The only counter to this is motor infantry. If enemy send armored units at you, send anti tank to stop them and attack with artillery at back.

      - grouping large number anti air and Sp anti air together into 1 group will it almost impossible for planes to get an effective trade against your unit. Artillery + sp artillery into one group will allow you to double damage the enemy.

      - Artillery only fire once every 1 hour, so you can move it while the countdown is occurring, you will be able to see the timer.

      - If multiple units attacked during 1 hour, then you group them together, the unit will attack when the longest timer is finished. If you split up a unit that attacked , the timer does not reset.

      - When you are really close to the capture point of an enemy province (5 min distance) , giving it any command ( force march, march, stop, etc) will make the unit take the province immediately, without taking the extra 5 min.

      - Sending multiple waves of units into enemy unit will automatically group them into 1 unit during fighting but not immediately.

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    • Yea probably my wording, please delete message and don't post until I finish so people can read it as a whole



      level 1 sub have more attack than defense, useful to know in early fight. Can beat destroyer if destroyer only defend.
      Can beat all naval units except destroyer (if attack) and aircraft carrier (only defend).


      Fastest ship , used to deal with subs, have ok damage vs ships but low range.


      Useless unit most of the time, only become useful if enemy start massing naval bombers but a better counter is interceptors on your own carrier so maybe you can use it before level 3 interceptors. Can beat destroyers but get countered by battleships and subs.


      Used to destroy enemy ships, beat all ships except subs. Range boost to 70km at level 4 is useful in naval fight, if you outrange enemy you don't take damage.

      Aircraft carrier

      Useful late game used to move planes, can have a few naval bomber to scout , mobile airbase.

      How to use

      - My standard build of navy is subs, destroyers, battleships and aircraft carrier. The emphasis is on subs, destroyers, and battleships, late game will focus on carriers as well. Carriers not as useful before level 3 due to not being able to carry interceptor and bomber.

      - Navy is similar to artillery fight except you want to keep few subs in front to to take the hit first and to block enemy subs if they plan on doing the same.

      e.g. you move subs in front, they collide with enemy subs, you move your whole navy forward while not firing.
      If you see other units, split up battleship and destroyer and fire at them then attack the subs with destroyers while keeping enough distance so your battleships and destroyers will get damaged together I would do that but haven't met anyone that do that yet.
      If you don't see enemy units do the same but don't fire with battleship unless you are sure enemy navy is not nearby.

      - Battleships can be used like artillery, except they do more damage.

      - If you have too much of a unit and losing combat efficiency, you can split them up before attacking, make them move to different locations so they don't join up then make one of the units move slightly more forward than the other unit to attack. This will deal same damage as 2 attacks at higher efficiency. The same thing can be done with artillery.
    • Secret

      Level 1 Useless and get shot down by anti air

      Level 2 Can't be shot down , can be used
      Level 3 Can damage ships, useful against convoy
      Level 4 Very useful, ignore forts

      Railroad gun

      Good range and damage, expensive, should be used with large stack so they don't get killed easily


      Useful but gets killed easily by air, if I m playing myself I wouldn't get a lot of it because I don't engage in close quarter fights unless I have advantage.

      Rocket fighter
      low range
      Never used it, you can try it if you are you have lost air superiority and spamming interceptor and anti air is not enough.

      Nuke and nuke bomber

      Useful late game when you get a lot of spare resources.

      Nuclear battleship, carrier, sub

      Stronger and faster version of the same unit

      How to use

      - Time it take for a rocket to land can be estimated, if really close can be under 10 min, if far away can take up to 30 min. Useful to know if you want to hit refueling planes.

      - To land planes while enemy have vision of you, patrol plane over airbase , and leave them there for a while , then suddenly land them at the air field and give them order to patrol somewhere. Unless enemy have planes close to you or have rockets that take less than 15 min to reach you they won't be able to hit your refueling planes.

      - It's worth while to fire rockets at cities just to destroy buildings, you might get lucky and hit a lot of enemy rockets.

      - Don't put rocket in the center of city and don't mass them in a single place, some people just randomly fire single units of rockets at your cities without vision or scouting. you might want to put them 15 min away from the center.

      - Rocket damage is area based, it will take around 5 min of moving to get out of damage area of rocket, so if you see a rocket hitting your unit in 2 min, it's too late to move but you can split up all unit into single units so you don't lose unit.

      - To maximize damage, send rockets one at a time.

      - If you have a lot of rockets(30-50), you can try to destroy all air ports of enemy , this will ground their patrolling planes after you destroy all of them and you can then destroy them with more rocket or your own planes.

      - Nuke can moving targets due large damage area, but the damage will be reduced.
    • Building

      Always try to maximize building of industrial complex and infrastructure in core province infrastructure, fort when you have spare resource, other optional depending on what you want to build.

      Don't build forts early game, unless you are fighting enemy with more units, it will slow you down on other buildings and people will attack you because they think you are scared. Also most forts can be easily by passed.


      Only use them if you have spare resources, other wise don't bother wasting money on them

      Counter espionage
      Chance to catch enemy spies on your province, but people are likely to change spy locations each day.

      Give you info on relation, resources, some of messages, some unit being produced, some units produced in an area around the province you are spying on.

      Economic sabotage

      Reduce moral, steal money and resources , can be caught even if there is no counter espionage, chance of being caught increase the more army the enemy have at that particular province (have to be at center).

      Military sabotage

      Damage building, delay production, reveal some units near that province, chance to reveal whole army.
      Can be caught even if there is no counter espionage, chance of being caught increase the more army the enemy have at that particular province (have to be at center).

      Effectiveness of spies increase the more you have but they max out at around 10 a province and intelligence spy max out at 10 for a whole country (I think).

      Ok finished, can ask questions, I might have missed out on some things, but will ignore basic questions and questions already answered. Non question related things will also be ignored
    • Update

      Tac bombers are now nerfed in cost, damage and hp, this makes bombers unfavourable in trade against anti air and sp anti air until atleast tier 4, and you need to outnumber the amount of anti air. Attacking infantry on early levels is also difficult without large numbers in level 2.You can still attack everything else normally.

      Naval bombers, more damage vs subs

      I suggest building a few planes for scouting (focus on interceptors) then, mass produce bombers after level 2.
    • It was really useful. However, I would like to add a bit on rocket fighters, since unpredictabl didn't really touch on it. I have just begun to try it, but I think it's really good for defending areas you deem dangerous to air attack, since they are way stronger than the interceptor. However, its little range may prompt me to put it as a core province defender just in case some random dude decides to strike my core (it has a coast).
      "As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, war is inevitable." Albert Einstein

      "Giving up is not an option in war, for it proves one's incapability and incompetence as a leader." - Me (Little Racoon)
    • RE: Waynebo

      Thanks for pointing that out, I have just updated it.

      RE: Little Raccoon

      I agree that rocket fighters are good in combat stats but haven't used it much. The problem I find with them are:

      - low range so not as flexible in pushing foward
      - Expensive in research (6500 rare), and cost (250 rare each), which may slow down research if you have low economy
      - will slow down your research in other areas
      - short term unit that will fall off with time

      So I suggest only using them in defensive situations and when you have lost air control to the enemy. You will be able to regain control of air, atleast close to your air ports if not overwhelmingly out numbered.