List of units, similar to list of provinces

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    • List of units, similar to list of provinces

      It's surprising that there is no list of own troops 8| , just like there is list of provinces :saint:

      It should show morale, place of being, order (no order, move, fast move, attack), being able to be sorted by type. Time till fully, 100% regeneration if still staying where they are with current conditions :thumbup:

      Also statistics about the list, where are the types of units showed and it's numbers and average morale

      Now, You kind of not knowing how much and what type of arms You got :tumbleweed: strange
    • This is one of the most often requested features, and while it was at the top of my own Christmas Wish List sadly it was not delivered on Christmas morning.

      We hold out a small hope as such a list is not an impossible feature, but it is not high on the list of things to add or change currently.
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    • Both this list and the current province list should be high command features. The game would be perfectly playable without them, they would only ease empire management. It would open up the way for a subscription-based income for Bytro, instead of the current "unlimited gold" system which recieves so much criticism lately.
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