Suggestion - Reworking Gold and Production

    • Suggestion - Reworking Gold and Production

      The use of gold as a way to speed up production of troops and buildings could use some adjusting, since it does provide a major advantage to those who have far more gold than others. Instead of spending 850 gold to skip 12h on research/production time, I suggest having to spend that same amount of gold to increase the speed at which those items are researched/produced. This could mean the gold can speed things up by some arbitrary percentage, like 50% or 100%, instead of just skipping through time. It could hopefully allow for better balancing in a game and still give gold some use in that department. There are quite a few people who show disdain towards those who abuse their gold in such a way.

      If anyone else has their thoughts or criticisms, please share them.
      Thank you. :beer:

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    • Hiya,

      thanks for your suggestion.

      There have been a lot of ideas floating around on these boards about gold use lately. We are still looking for Bytro management responses to the many ideas that have been formulated over the last couple of weeks.

      You have to remember though that this is a commerical game, and obviously discouraging gold use is not in the game's best interest (if the company loses income, the game dies in the end), so it is not in the fans best interest either.
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