Call of War World Cup Championships

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    • Call of War World Cup Championships

      Idea for making World Cup Championships.

      Players who wish to join, with highest players ranking could join. And there would be three levels, three leagues.
      1st Golden League with 100 highest ranking wishing to join and play
      2st Silver League with 101-200 highest ranking
      3rd Bronze League with 201-300 highest ranking

      So this would make somehow best players to join.
      Map would be world map for 100 players, with random countries, what seems fair.

      World Cup would have 4 editions in a year. Spring from 1st of March till end of May. Summer from 1st of June till end of August. Autumn from 1st of September till end of November. Winter from 1st of December till end of February.

      Each map would end on midnight last day, and the results in victory points from then are valid. If that seem too long, game may last 2 months instead.

      No gold usage in-game, but a 5k gold paid to join the game.

      First season would be as mentioned. On second season, 50 worst players from a league gets relegated to lower league and 50 best gets promoted to higher league. Those who do not join next season are replaced with new players wanting to join, where those with higest ranking replace players in Golden League, medium in Silver and worse in Bronze, the worst in ranking players join Bronze League in place of those who in-game were lower 50 on the end (they cannot join this season, but next one).

      Also to replace usage of ranking, there might happen eliminating games, where best players gets access to Bronze League.

      Some prizes for best players of the World Cup would be great. And titles with medals for TOP3 places.

      Similar Championships might be run in different language/countries editions, if there would be wish for it.

      Additional idea would be to make it national championships, where each country have same number of spots 1/2/3/4/5 and such number of players from each country (best in ranking, or winners of national leagues if there is such) could join it, for most popular countries.
    • I was expecting spam from the title, guess I was wrong.

      I like the idea.

      I think 3 months is long

      How would coalitions factor into this? Or would you think coalitions disabled for the World Cup?
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    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      How would coalitions factor into this? Or would you think coalitions disabled for the World Cup?
      I see it as individual championships, so coalitions would not count. What would count would be only number of victory points on the end.

      I guess 2 months would be enough too, or even less.

      Maybe such championships need more of promoting, in general news and info after the end results.
      I don't know how many active players there are but problably with a promotion it could gather such numers, as games of 100 somehow fill up.
    • VorlonFCW wrote:

      I was expecting spam from the title, guess I was wrong.

      MontanaBB wrote:

      Heh. I saw the header for the thread, and I came loaded for bear ---- I thought it was a spammer, too.
      Spam usually has more actual sport names within them. Also. people need to hover over threads before clicking them more often.
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