What happens if you have no food.

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    • Upon running out of food, your active barracks will receive damage until they are below level 1 and no longer consume food. Deactivate all barracks you can, to slow food consumption.

      Running out of food will also begin to damage province morale. If not properly handled, and very quickly, at that, this will spiral out of control as provinces produce less resources with lower morale. Less food being produced will feed into the problem of: Not having enough food.
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    • Maracel II wrote:

      I am playing a 50 player game in the Pacific Ocean map and a just ran out of food due to a food shortage. Right now I am trying to fix the situation but I am wondering what happens to your Armies if you lose all your food ?
      Short version: You're f---ed, as they say in British English.

      Longer version: Your province morale will decline throughout your empire, provinces with already low morale may rebel and defect to other players. Worse yet, declining province morale will lead to declining resource production ---- including less food produced ---- which will make your province morale even worse. This is what we poetically call the "death spiral."

      Bottom line: Stop producing new units. Get your food production up. Reinforce food provinces with marginal morale with garrison units whose strength is greater than 7 strength points. Add fortifications to improve morale and increase food production in those provinces with marginal morale.

      There are several good how-to threads on increasing production, including one by me which is "pinned" at the top of the forum's Questions and Answers section.

      Good luck.
    • Rule number one: Never run out of food. Actually food shortage occurs before you run out of food. I have seen it at about 8 hours of food remaining.

      Food shortage is a severe morale penalty. It can be as much as -30 in the daily morale calculations and affects all of your provinces.
      You can also get resource shortage if you are short of non-food resources.
      if not corrected, it can lead to higher chances of revolts as provinces drop to 25 and below.