Gold, sometimes it can be abused. Regulate it better.

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  • Gold, sometimes it can be abused. Regulate it better.

    Hopefully my message doesn't get blocked for speaking out about this, but look. I don't have a problem with gold in general ok, BUT, I don't think before today I've ever had the intense pleasure I get from seeing me make someones condition points go down ten by having to sacrifice 2 inf, only to have the intense pleasure of watching them make their condition points go back up right almost before they get in the middle of the battle? Sorry Bytro, and mods who are going to have to deal with what I said, likely ban me. I've played this game since 2016, IIRC. But I just witnessed what looks like pay-to-win to me, I know you will say something else or make up an excuse, or ban me, I always thought the others who complained were just whining today. But heck no, it actually is. You're literally allowing anyone with gold to technically get a free win if they want, depending on how much they have, ban me, idc. But you should at least regulate gold so that players don't just get to up their condition points with it. It's cheesy. And it's not fun for others who have to sit through a pay to win game, I might quit. and I know you don't really care about that, because you have plenty of gold buyers and other players. But yeah, just my two cents.
  • Hello trapbob,

    thank you for your honest opinion. As you may have witnessed already, we have other threads in which different ideas have been proposed already, but sadly it is not that easy to just 'regulate' it. Gold is a resource within our game just as time. Other people have more time to get an advantage, others have more gold, then again others have a lot of experience which also gives an advantage. There are many ways, to win a game. You said yourself you play since 2016 and never experienced this. Those people make it even possible for others to play this game for free for years already. We would not like you to leave after this experience and I would like you to think about all the other games you enjoyed since 2016. If you still decide to quit I wish you all the best of course!

    I will also close this thread, because we a few of this kind already. :)
    Sarah / Sasri
    Community Manager
    Bytro Labs GmbH