Death and Dishonour - 1947 Alternate History Roleplay - 4 SPACES LEFT!

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    • cow name abdoer

      capital warsaw

      rival: turkey

      ideology: puppeted communist country

      i agree to the rules
      i will obey the land swap

      well i will invest in my lands and do ussr orders and get indepndence from germany and be totally ussr ally and then support him

      ntended Nation -
      Your Nation's Capital -
      Your Nation's Rival -
      Your Nation's Ideology -
      (Research it if you don't know)

      I agree to obey the rules, and will just not make a hassle and won't break any so I don't give JoJoJo a headache by trying to make me not break the rules again Y/N

      I will obey the Land Swap Y/N

      Flavour Text to see how well you can RP

      chooses turkey

      if turkey is choosen then poland

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