Death and Dishonour - 1947 Alternate History Roleplay - 4 SPACES LEFT!

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    • Death and Dishonour - 1947 Alternate History Roleplay - 4 SPACES LEFT!

      Death and Dishonour
      This Roleplay is set in a darker time than anyone we could have ever known lived in. Rain fell upon cobbles, as people grew pessimistic that their country would ever be liberated. Members of various resistances, lose hope and take down their proud nation's flag, and decide to integrate back to a darker, occupied society. These are the days that our great ancestors prevented from occurring - but it very easily could have occurred.

      What if the Axis won the Second World War?



      1st September 1939 - Germany Begins Invasion of Poland.
      3rd September 1939 - France Declares war on Germany - but Britain doesn't as a fascist coup seized Britain in 1937, and they choose not to declare war on a fellow fascist nation.
      5th September 1939 - The Soviet Union Invades East Poland
      14th September 1939 - The German Armies Invade from the South and North of Poland and with Blitzkrieg warfare, quickly bypass Polish Fortifications and Defences.
      11th October 1939 - As Poland does not have aid from Britain, and only France, Warsaw is quickly seized by the Germans
      29th October 1939 - Russian Forces meet German forces at the dividing line between the Russian-Annexed Poland and the German-Annexed Poland
      16th December 1939 - Remaining Polish Resistance Groups are defeated.
      24th December 1939 - Large Military Parades and celebrations in Germany in the days leading up to Christmas

      1st January 1940 - Small German Bombing Runs Begin at French Border Towns
      4th February 1940 - Germany begins invasion of Denmark.
      17th February 1940 - Battle of Esjberg - Danish Forces defeated.
      22nd February 1940 - German Forces Capture the Danish Capital, Copenhagen
      13th March 1940 - The Phoney War Begins, with very little Combat.
      11th June 1940 - Germany declares war on the Netherlands
      18th June 1940 - Amsterdam is captured, the Netherlands Surrenders
      19th July 1940 - Germany declares war on Belgium
      13th August 1940 - Brussels is Captured. Belgium Surrenders
      19th August 1940 - Luxembourg is invaded
      21st August 1940 - Luxembourg surrenders.
      1st September 1940 - German Forces swipe through the Benelux around the Maginot Line, into North France.
      4th September 1940 - Italy declares war on France and invades South France.
      17th September 1940 - German Forces capture Paris.
      11th November 1940 - French Forces officially Surrender.
      16th November 1940 - Charles de Gaulle takes army groups 7 + 4 to Algiers, Algeria.
      1st December 1940 - Armistice is signed, France loses land in the North and South, and Vichy France is formed
      15th December 1940 - The Armistice is ratified and Philippe Petain takes control of Vichy France.

      In 1942, after Mainland France was overrun in 1940, Charles de Gaulle in French Africa was killed in an air crash incident, thus the Free French movement ended, finally finishing the World War.

      During the Same time, Germany seized lots of Mainland Europe, alongside Italy seizing Yugoslavia and Puppeting it, around about the same time the USSR began manifesting their Communism into surrounding states, such as their half of Poland, Turkey and Romania.

      The Japanese Empire at this time, had been dedicated to expansion - with Germany's victories in Europe, they sent aid to Japan in China, allowing Japan to beat China decisively with the Battle of Yungchow, this lead to the Puppeting of China, however this is in peril, with the Free Chinese Movement, seizing West China and the already rebellious region of Tibet alongside parts of the Gobi Desert (Communist China in CoW). The Player of China will have the option to stay with Japan and defeat the F.C.M. or Overthrow the Japanese Puppet Government, and work with the F.C.M. to free China!

      In 1943, British Leader Oswald Mosley was shot in Birmingham, this lead to a huge succession crisis, where British General and Statesman, Winston Churchill lead the Royal Forces to seize Parliament, leading Britain back to a democratic future.

      In the meantime of all of this chaos, The U.S. had remained peaceful, as it is one of the last bastions of Democracy (alongside U.K.), The U.S. has remained isolationist for a long while, silently building up it's armed forces, however with the fall of Democracy in Europe, America has begun to awaken to protect Democracy, and spread it, to counter Communism and Fascism

      In 1947, has begun the Cold War - but in this alternative world, this is not Communism and Democracy, this is Communism, Democracy and Fascism, all co-existing with unease and hatred - the Communist influence in East Europe Threatens the Fascist West Europe, as Britain and her Empire remains the last Bastion of Democracy in Europe, in an ever-changing world.

      Rule Brittania
    • National Sign Up

      United States of America - SwagState
      British Dominion of Canada - PineCrafter
      Empire of Brazil - ApolloAce13
      The United Kingdom - JoJoJo2103
      Vichy France - Yossaran
      German Third Reich - DerpyGuy
      Italian Empire - Freshmemes
      Italian Baltica (Yugoslavia) - someonecool
      USSR - Dramos123
      Polish Socialist State (USSR Puppet) -
      Romanian Socialist State (USSR Puppet) - ww2history
      Turkish Socialist State (USSR Puppet) -
      British India - Mike2596
      Japanese China - Overlord_77
      Japan - Maracel II
      Manchukuo (Japanese Puppet) - Reserved
      Australia (British Puppet) - Rogodeter Snowl

      Rule Brittania

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    • Rules:

      1-No Trolling
      2-No Gold Usage allowed.
      3-No Landgrabbing and random invasions. We are here to roleplay, not kill each other off.
      4-Please Be Respectful
      5-Follow the Rules.
      6-Post on the DE as often as possible, However let me know if you might not be able to post or if you miss a day.
      7-The game will not officially begin until Day 1 of the round, so you are not required to post until then, however i would like people to get to know each other, so post on the DE stating who you are.
      8 - 1 Day = 2 Months, Therefore 6 Days = 1 Year

      INFAMY RULES (for maintaining diplomatic order)
      Infamy will be the "aggressive expansion" counter for this game in order to ensure that players are not expanding rapidly and uncontrollably.

      INFAMY COOLDOWN: infamy drops by 5 for all nations, every 5 days (2.5) years.
      -If you are at war for more than 3 years, the infamy cooldown is negated for you until peace.
      -Infamy Cooldown stops at 0 infamy.

      +50 INFAMY IS THE LIMIT: anything above triggers a coalition war.

      Coalition War: Nations Around you gain 0 infamy for taking the amount of provinces that push you over the infamy limit.

      +40 Infamy gained for revolting or declaring independence from your overlord
      +20 Infamy gained for joining someone's war
      +50 Infamy gained for breaking peace periods
      (Peace Periods must last longer than 1 year)
      +10 Infamy gained for declaring war on a country
      +5 Infamy gained for taking a province, for both sides of the war
      (if you take someone's province, and he takes it back, you both gain 5 infamy)
      +5 Infamy gained for starting a colonial war implemented. ( war conducted in colonies and at sea only - if war is to occur in Europe then a separate post must be made declaring as such and taking the infamy hit for it )
      -20 Infamy lost for granting independence to a vassal state
      -5 Infamy lost for a quality Newspaper post

      -Anything under 5 provinces is vassalized if it loses a war and is an active player.

      -If it is inactive, it loses its provinces as per the infamy rules.

      Diplomatic Rules:

      1 - Do not declare war over petty things. Think about it - a war is not a game - young lads die, people die, houses are destroyed, it ruin lives - No sane leader would declare war on another country because of something foolish like an Insult

      2 - No Country is to cede more than 4 provinces at the end of a war.

      3 - Once the loser of the war surrenders he is to offer a ceasefire to the attacker. The Attacker MUST accept.

      4 - When negotiating a war, if the winner isn't happy with the peace treaty, he is not allowed to continue the war - Surrender is a surrender

      5 - You MAY attack via AI nations if you have Right of Way.

      6 - NUCLEAR WAR RULES - As we all know, the Cold War was so famous because of it's Nuclear weapons and the fact that we could easily all be incinerated in a ball of fire - thus to emulate the fear of nuclear weapons, these are the rules when building nuclear arsenals:

      Post When :
      1. You build your first Power Plant
      2. You Build your first Nuclear Weapon
      3. You build your tenth Nuclear Weapon

      7 - Ideologies - I will not put any rules capping the ability for different ideological nations to be allied, but I will say that think logically, if a democratic nation could ever be friends with a Communist Regime?

      8 - Civil Wars - I love Civil Wars. It's like a war that you can dictate every aspect of it. But civil wars don't happen every day, and occur spontaneously. You should have a build - up to it first.
      Rule Brittania

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    • How to Apply:

      CoW Name -
      Intended Nation -
      Your Nation's Capital -
      Your Nation's Rival -
      Your Nation's Ideology -
      (Research it if you don't know)

      I agree to obey the rules, and will just not make a hassle and won't break any so I don't give JoJoJo a headache by trying to make me not break the rules again Y/N

      I will obey the Land Swap Y/N

      Flavour Text to see how well you can RP
      Rule Brittania
    • CoW Name - Overlord_77
      Intended Nation - Japanese China
      Your Nation's Capital - Chengdu... Du du on dat beat, du du on dat beat, slide stop hit the japs don't stop... don't stop ey!
      Your Nation's Rival - Japan
      Your Nation's Ideology - Democratic State, wishing to be free!
      (Research it if you don't know)

      I agree to obey the rules, and will just not make a hassle and won't break any so I don't give JoJoJo a headache by trying to make me not break the rules again Yes (But I cannot guarantee you won't get a headache ;D)

      I will obey the Land Swap Yes

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    • Some Lore to my USSR is that after Joseph St. dies Georgy Zhukov takes power the USSR after communism has spread across eastern Europe through revolutions and USSR invasions. He is great military leader and has embarked on a massive buildup of troops and in technology. He also is trying to make USSR's economy less focused on food and more on goods and oil. He is worried about what has happened in Western Europe and is helping its satellite states keep order and build up troops and there economies as they are prospering in the time of danger across Europe. Georgy Zhukov is determined to keep power as he moved the capital to Stalingrad as it bares the name of the former soviet leader
    • Ingame Name: someonecool
      Nation: Italian Baltica (Yugoslavia)
      Capitol: Belgrade
      Rival: Romanian Socialist State
      Nation's Ideology: Fascist

      I agree to obey the rules, and will just not make a hassle and won't break any so I don't give JoJoJo a headache by trying to make me not break the rules
      I agree to the land swap

      Background: After the formation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1918, the country remained at peace for more than 2 decades. With the outbreak of World War II, however, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was plunged into what would become fierce fighting along the Italian front. Finally, the Italian Empire overran the Kingdom in 1942, effectively ending the monarchy. King Alexander, leader of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia since 1921 was forced out of the country and fled to nearby Bulgaria, where he was captured and shot by Italian troops. The country that came out of World War II became an Italian puppet state known as the Italian Baltica. The country shifted from a monarchy to a fascist government, with an Italian approved President, known to the people as Peter the Second. Peter the Second was a World War II veteran, who fought against the Italian Empire along the Italian front for more than 2 years. He was subsequently wounded by Italian bombers and had to be withdrawn from combat. After the war, he became the President of the Italian Baltica with approval from its puppeteer, the Italian Empire. In the aftermath of the war, the Italian Baltica rebuilt its economy, hoping to grow stronger and one day become free again.
    • CoW Name - LightningTurk
      Intended Nation - Manchukuo
      Your Nation's Capital - Irl it was Changchun, within the Jilin Province, but i guess we're going with Hsinking.
      Your Nation's Rival - Whomever Japan Determines, Mongolia most likely.
      Your Nation's Ideology - Puppet Government, Originally a Republic, forcibly converted to a Constitutional Monarchy with child emperor Pu Yi at the throne.

      I agree to obey the rules, and will just not make a hassle and won't break any so I don't give JoJoJo a headache by trying to make me not break the rules again


      I will obey the Land Swap

      I dont have landswap muhahahaha so neverrrr

      Flavour Text to see how well you can RP


      this is from the Victoria III roleplaying round on supremacy 1914 posted not even 24 hours ago:

      When the Egyptian hits the fan

      Turkish forces originally assumed an end to conflicts when the peace agreement between the Egyptian islamic state and the Turkish Federation was signed, and thereby began moving troops accordingly to the occupied cities of Umm Lajj, Badr Hunayn and Mecca. Even after the announcement that mecca, the holy capital of the once enormous caliphate was to be ceded to the Egyptian state in return for the Sinai penninsula, Turkish military forces were undeterred, and thereby made their march south to capture various cities that should have been theirs in the first place. The long and arduous process was only exhasterbated by the fact that Egyptian forces had both decimated the landscape by killing anything they saw their sights on, and then by destroying what few administrative and transportation based buildings and developments the poor Turkish plantation owners of the arabian penninsula had control over.

      However, the final straw was the bombardment of an army of 5,000 by the larger Egyptian army of 150,000 Infantry, 10 artillery pieces, 10 armoured cars and 10 cavalry divisions. In a middle eastern quote, the knife has now cut through to the bone. First an invasion with no prior respect or announcement to a nation that was understandably not able to do anything to defend itself, now an attack on troops only moving to once again protect themselves from a state that promised peace. This disrespect was is not to be tolerated. Turkish forces, in an effort to oust all egyptian units from the entirety of the arabian continent. Egypt will never again be allowed to step on arabian soil, this we swear as the Turkish Government. The Arabian Confederation, in an act of defiance, has also declared formal war against the Egyptian state. Formally, so has the Persian Federation. There will no longer be an effort to move towards a period of established and recognized peace, and instead, all regional and possibly international states will make a concerted effort to wipe out the Egyptian scum and leave them to rot in Africa.

      Furthermore, the Formal military alliance between the Turkish Federation, all its subsidiaries and the United Kingdom of Great Britain has been announced. This includes all actions of aggression or defensive purposes and vassal states will act in accordance with the statute of Ankara in which their overlords will decide whom they give share map to and whom they do not relinquish share map to. Another Formal military and strategic alliance has been declared between the Italian Empire and the Turkish Federation against the expansionism of the Egyptian state.

      Finally, diplomatic communiques have been sent to the French, White Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and German consulates to ensure possible military allegiances in the future.

      The Turkish Government formally requests to join the League of Nations. This membership is to ensure that no disgusting action of aggression is ever taken again by the Egyptian State.

      Formalized Military Alliances of the Turkish Federation:
      =Italian Empire
      =United Kingdom of Great Britain

      Federation Vassal States:
      =Persian Federation
      =Arab Confederation
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    • CoW Name - King_The
      Intended Nation - Turkey
      Your Nation's Capital - Ankara
      Your Nation's Rival - Nations involved in the affairs of small weak countries
      Your Nation's Ideology - imperialist communist military rule

      I agree to obey the rules, and will just not make a hassle and won't break any so I don't give JoJoJo a headache by trying to make me not break the rules again Y/N

      I will obey the Land Swap Y/N