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      Is winter over soon or just getting started? For our next event you will definitely have to bring an extra pair of socks. Get yourself some coffee and warm underpants, make yourself comfortable, because the [Dominion] Antarctica 4x Speed Round Event begins soon.

      The map will as usual be generated on demand and can be found at the top of the games list. You will be able to join the maps from Friday February 23 around 11am CET until Monday 26, 11am CET. As soon as the map has started you will receive a notification to your inbox.

      Your Call of War team
      Sarah / Sasri
      Ex-Community Manager
    • Why such 4x maps are not possible to make, for some number of gold maybe, on a daily basis?

      I know that it gives extra load on servers, but do You buy more of server capability just for events time? Probably not.

      Making this an option to make 2x or 4x games, when starting a new map, would be used by many, I guess. Stating somewhere visibly on the game, before joining, that it's speed is higher.
    • Isn't Antarctica's map idea to be a chance for individual player to show what's they are worth against multiple other individual players?

      I guess, so, cause there can be one individual winner and coalitions are prohibited.

      Nevertheless it's not working and it's not enough. Players can make diplomaticly: share map, and actually be allies, make a team, that fights other individuals, and people do it on a big scale, often.

      So then You have like 2, 3, 4 players against individual solo players.

      It's like playing soccer game by 11 players against 3 players. Does it make sense? Is it fun? Or it destroys game's purpose and fun?

      I guess "share map" option should be deleted from Antarctica map.
      "Right of way" could be left only to see how it works then.

      It might be hard without it, but the best would be that there is just option of war or peace and if anyone wantś to dominate the map, he have to make it without using or giving anyone "right of way"

      Or both: a) games for solo players and games with only war/peace and b) same time games for those who like to play as a team agains individuals and individuals who are ok with playing against teams.

      Even then cheating of playing as a team is possible, but it's much harder and more risky.

      If purpose of Antarctica map is to be a chance to check oneself against many individuals... more diplomacy options just destroys it's goal :(

      I would prefer to have this one ever chance to check myself individually and I believed that this map is for this, but it's not. Settings are done wrongly there and it does not work. I got offers of allies I and other players got gangbanged, when everything seem to be set up for solo play.
    • Even without right of way it could be team gangs up and map victory trading.
      On this map we should have only war vs all, at least from day 16; and even so it would not eliminate coordination completly.

      But! Remember on begon of CoW. 10 spots map, only 1 can win, and even so we had aliances and *unfair* wars.

      Also first lesson: war is unfair. More for this lesson on flash game *mud and blood 2, war is unfair"; If you dont reach wave 120++ you dont allowed crying about unfair domination map on CoW. And if you reach the wave 120++ You probably wouldn't cry any more...

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    • Diplomacy is still a part of CoW. Although there will be only 1 winner at the end in this map, it was designed in a way that you are still allowed to make temporal alliances on the way. Of course in this mode you cannot trust anyone 100% completely, which is part of the thrill.

      But I like your suggestion, too, maybe it will be part of a future event to disable diplomacy options.
    • freezy wrote:

      But I like your suggestion, too, maybe it will be part of a future event to disable diplomacy options.
      And what do You think of enabling hosts of the maps, when starting a new one, to decide whether "share map" or "right of way" is enable during game or not?

      And disabling coalitions or not. Disabling private messages or not. Disabling trade or not.

      It's already built in, such an option, should be easy to implement but would add new fresh breeze into such games.
      I mean, not only Antarctica map, but whatever map the host uses :)