How do I Challenge a Ban

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  • How do I Challenge a Ban

    I just received an email from Call of War stating that I have multiple accounts connected. I don't know why this was thought to have happened. All of the accounts they listed were my friends and maybe they thought they were connected because we normally play all at the same time, or because we all play at school most of the time so seeing that we are all on the same internet Call of War thinks I am cheating? I sent a reply to the email, but have gotten no response. Is replying how I challenge the ban? If this isn't it please tell me where I should challenge the ban. If this forum is where I can respond to a ban then:

    This is the exact reply I sent to the Call of War email

    I do not have multiple accounts. The other accounts mentioned in the later email are all of my friends. I don't know why you suspect these are mine, but I only have one game. I play on that server that me and my friends made. We even called it: ONE YEAR LATER AND WE'RE BACK. Because we stopped playing a year ago. If this isn't where I explain that these are not my accounts, direct me to where I can challenge the ban. I hope I get my account back so I can play with my friends soon.

    If you need more proof, idk how to show you other than I guess a picture of my friends logging in :/

    I even made a newspaper article in the server we were playing because me and my friends didn't know who was in our server anymore. If you can check the newspaper on the server you will see me state who each of these people are.


    I have sent another reply to the email stating that I am on a school network. I have been looking at other forums and have found other people playing at school getting banned as well. I also sent another email asking how long it will take for them to un ban my account. Still no response

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  • As you are one of several hundred people who find themselves banned each week, your case will be worked in order.

    Since you replied to the email you have done what is needed. repeating things here won't resolve it any faster.

    As cheating is a serious accusation each report is thoroughly investigated. Naturally even the players who cheated and violated the rules will claim they were innocent as well.

    I am sure you are concerned about the game you were playing, however if you return to that game round you will trip the same anti-cheat mechanism again, so don't do that.
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