New Game Map: Modern War Map

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    • New Game Map: Modern War Map

      Why don't we have a Modern War Map i know it's suppose to be ww2 but we should have a modern borders and modern weapons and troops it would make the game well the Modern War Map more interesting to see who can survive modern conventional warfare. Example: (I'm playing as the USA and it starts off with some of my troops in the Middle East like Afghanistan,Iraq,Oman,Pakistan,Syria and Yemen.) And another Example: (Russia is at war with the Ukraine and the rebel groups in the Russia and Ukraine war you have to fight also and South Korea and North Korea are at war and US troops are in South Korea and Japan and any other countries that are at war right now.) We could go into sanctions but some people may not like that idea or may not understand it but if you do put it in there that would make the Modern War Map more realistic cause all the game i've played in everyone talks about sanctions but can't really impose them cause there not part of the game. I want to know what the people think about what i said and who knows maybe the creators will take something from this and then again quarter not cause you know half the stuff we say they don't do and a quarter of everything we say is trying to improve the game but they still won't do it but anyways what do yall think about and if the creators see this let me know what you guys think of it.

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    • Conflict of Nations is a sister game using the same game engine. Your same name and login info works there.

      CON is a more modern setting, justa what you are looking for.
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