Alternative WW2 Roleplay

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    • Alternative WW2 Roleplay

      In this Alternative timeline Many different things happened

      In Europe: Italy lost WW1. They had a revolution similar to the Russian one and became a communist country. In Germany Hitler still took power but has no allies. When the Ottoman Empire was dimantled, a democratic government was put into power. The Spanish Civil War is ongoing and you will need to pick who wins. The UK, France and Turkey all enjoy good relations with eachother, Italy also enjoys good relations with the Soviet Union. Germany is very isolated in this world but enjoy minor relations with Greater Romania

      Asia: China went through a terrible Civil war from 1923-30. This resulted in the break up of China. The UK and France intervened to put s democratic government in charge of what is now Nationalist China. Japan took the opportunity of the chinese civil war and occupied Korea, Manchukuo and bits of the Chinese coast. The Soviet Union saw this as unfair and invaded Japan held Manchukuo. This resulted in the Soviet Japanese War of 1930-31. The Soviets took the victory and made Manchukuo their communist puppet.

      South East Asia and the Middle East: After WW1, the Persian empire was formed after a fascist coup. They went to war with the United Kingdom over Iraq and ultimately won. They puppeted Iraq and are now looking to expand even further. They have close ties With Germany. In South East asia, Siam formed the Siamese Empire and is looking to restore their Empire to its former Glory.

      The New World: After WW1, the USA was much stronger and economically stronger. However ghey now faced threats back at home. Mexico went through a fascist Civil war in 1928 and was defeated and became the New Mexican Empire. Argentina had a fascist revolution in 1933 and became Greater Argentina. Brazil turned communist after Soviet intervention. Canada has become distanced from the UK after WW1 and is seeking independence

      Country Statuses
      Free is free
      Dominion: Right of way with Master
      Colony: Share Map with Master,Must join alliance with master,can refuse to join war
      Puppet: Share Map with Master,Must join alliance with master,cannot refuse to join war
      Annexed: Bye bye to your country

      Master can adjust higher status at any time. Subjects may increase status once every 6 days. If Master refuses adjustment, it will may lead to war but if it is unfair I will make final decision

      Base Game rules:
      No Gold Usage
      Must post Country declarations and decisions in newspaper
      Cant declare war without a good reason
      No multi accounting
      You can only change ideology once every 7 day
      1 day= 3 months


      United Kingdom: Democratic, In the Allies Chosen
      France: Democratic Chosen
      German Reich: Fascist, In the Axis Chosen
      USA: Democratic
      Soviet Union: Communist In the Comintern
      Italy: Communist Chosen
      Japan: Fascist Chosen
      Republic of China: Democratic Chosen
      British Raj: Non-Aligned, Puppet of United Kingdom, in the Allies
      Australia: Democratic, Dominion of United Kingdom, in the Allies Chosen
      Canada: Democratic, Dominion of United Kingdom, in the Allies
      Turkey: Democratic Chosen
      Spain: Communist
      Greater Argentina: Fascist
      Brazil: Communist
      New Mexican Empire: Fascist
      Persian Empire: Fascist
      Siamese Empire: Fascist
      Greater Romania: Fascist

      Plz chose and comment your country down below

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