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    • <p>Hello, I have wanted to ask for this for a while, but here they are:</p><p><br></p><div>1-Parachute: It's not just me asking for this (and the most requested unit of the game), It's an Adaptation of the Commands, where they will be transported by transport planes. Parachutists can be thrown on the enemy's front lines (as it was on day D).</div><p></p><div>2-Train Units for Trade: It is just a modification of the trains of units that when you trade with some country that does not land border with you, use these trains that can be stocked in the reserve or can be built on time. I ask for this, because of the food, the oil, the rare substances. THEY CAN NOT SIMPLY TELEPORT. Trains can each stock 1,000 features, its cost of construction should be cheap, when you, for example, (data below are based on actual facts, there may be something out of the real) you are playing with Brazil likely to do so) and will trade with the USA taking food for him to use in war, will use the trains, if they are unprotected, and Germany or Italy know of these trains they can simply put their submarines on the trade route and intercept trains and destroy them or plunder them.</div><p></p><div>3-Attack Options to Submarines: This completes with Suggestion # 2, submarines can attack any convoy that passes through it, with the option of Looting or destroying it.</div><p></p><div>4-Trade Agreements: Agreements between countries where you can choose what countries are going to trade, what time the trains will leave, when they will trade, and countries can define the trade route and where they will go. These routes can be intercepted.</div><p></p><div>5-Attack options: More options for your troops to defend or attack, how, you realize that you do not count the enemy troops then you have them entrenched and stay there defending.</div><p><br></p><p></p><div>1st Option- Entrench: As stated above, if the enemy's army is more powerful and only entrenches its strengths, but over time they will lose their morale (as in the Great War) from hunger, poor hygiene, etc. .</div><p></p><div>2nd Option- Defender: The troops will be prepared for any air raid, enemy invasion, etc. Their troops when defended are prepared, but not strengthened.</div><p></p><div>3rd Option-Guerrilla: The enemy will see the province empty, when it will attack the troops that were in guerrilla attack them with the element surprise leaving the enemy disoriented without being able to revoke the 1st attack.</div><div><br></div><div>Thanks from Brazil for creating such a good game for free.</div>