WW2 1936 Simple RP

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    • WW2 1936 Simple RP

      Basic Rules:

      No Gold Usage
      Post in Newspaper when you make decisions
      Try to keep it semi-realistic
      Stay active
      You will need discord as i have a server chat set up so everyone can talk
      Tell your friends about it
      You will need to be lvl 17 and above but if your lvl 15/16 your welcome to join Discord till your lvl 17 and able to join
      Have Fun

      Basic Ideologies:


      You can hold election every 6 days to change ideology. You can choose your result and you will need to post it in Newspaper. Upon changing ideology, your capital will need to be moved if another city is available.

      Autonomy levels:

      Free= Your are a free country, you make your own decisions
      Dominion= You must have right of way with master,you can refuse call to arms, does not have to join masters faction
      Colony= Share map with master, cannot refuse call to arms, does not have to join Masters faction
      Puppet= Share map with master cannot refuse call to arms does have to join masters faction
      Integrated Puppet= Same as puppet but master can trade for free
      Annexed= You do not have a country

      Subject may increase autonomy every 5 days, Master can also raise autonomy every 6 days but cannot lower. Master cannot deny Subject increasing autonomy level except from Dominion to free. In this case it may result in war or an international conference will be held on the situation.

      War rules:

      Give at least a decent reason for going to war, dont be a warmonger
      When a capital has been taken, give the enemy an option to surrender
      A peace treaty must be made at the end of every conflict
      Peace can be signed at any time during a war
      A Ceasefire must last at least 1 day
      Key= Country, Autonomy level, faction, ideology

      United Kingdom , Free, the Allies, Democracy Boris
      France , Free, the Allies, Democracy
      Canada , Dominion of the UK, the Allies, Democracy
      Australia , Dominion of the UK, the Allies, Democracy
      British Raj , Puppet of the UK, the Allies, Democracy
      USA , Free, No Faction, Democracy
      German Reich , Free, The Axis, Fascist
      Italy , Free, The Axis, Fascist theworldconqueror
      Spain , Free, No Faction , Fascist/Communist Frederik Ousted
      Japan , Free, The Axis , Fascist
      Soviet Union, Free, The Comintern, Communist
      China, Free, No faction, Democracy
      Brazil, Free, No faction, Democracy
      Turkey, Free, No faction, Monarchist
      Persia, Free, No faction, Monarchist
      Poland, Free, No faction, Monarchist

      Pick your country and comment down below. Spains ideology can be chosen out of the 2. The Game will start when 10 people have picked their countries. I will give you discord link after you have picked your country.

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