• Paratroopers

      Would this work? 7
        Yes (5) 71%
        No (2) 29%
      Hello There!

      I would like to suggest paratroopers.
      Research Required to produce:
      -Infantry Level Three
      --Interceptor Level Three
      -Commandos Level One

      They would be available around day 18, and could only be produced in city provinces with a barracks level three and air base level two. They could only be used in addition to an interceptor. Once the paratrooper meets up with the interceptor, the range would lower considerably, making deep attacks almost impossible. The paratroops would take 10 minutes to land and give their damage immediately, but be destroyed after each use. The interceptor could be shot down by AA, and so could the troops during landing time.

      Pros and Cons:

      -10 Citys
      +10 plains

      The interceptor would be weaker when paired with a paratrooper.

      Hope you can consider this, give me your feedback in a polite manner please. :)
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