Unit production bug

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    • Unit production bug

      Game Number: 2,289,264

      Bug Description: Yesterday I wanted to build a tank destroyer. So I entered a province then clicked to "produce". Then a pop-up appeared said "You are missing 2 metals" and etc. Then I didn't quit the production screen and waited few seconds then clicked "produce" again. This time I had the necessary resources to produce but even though it took my resources there was no production. It was just wasted.

      Unfortunately no screenshots but I guess you can repeat the exact same process in your test servers or something. I just don't want to waste more resources just for a screenshot. lol
    • I have tested out this bug.

      I have repeated the exact procedure that you did: Clicked on a province, then produce. My task was to produce Armored Car. But it had like 20 units of Oil missing. So I waited 2-3 minutes without closing the "Produce" window. I was constantly checking the amount of units I had left and when I had 1 left, I clicked Produce and suddenly an error message pops up, basically saying that I have insufficient resources (which I had) and a second later I tried it again and started producing an Armored Car without a problem. I would suggest filling out a Bug Report in-game and stating the issue, but you can also wait for Support team to assist you further in this thread. :saint:
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    • Thank you @Donald_J You just saved me that 20 minutes of testing this bug out.

      @HMS Surprise my first thought is that your browser lied to you. In cases such as this please clear your browser cache, close, and restart your browser to get the most recent server data. You should find that either the unit is now producing, or that the resources were not actually spent.

      If that is not the case please fill out a bug report from within your game and we can investigate further.
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