Event Types?

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    • Event Types?

      Okay, so there are couple of events such as speed rounds, unlocked all technologies, etc.
      I've come up with couple of (incredibly terrible) ideas that might ended up with people slapping me back and forth for my lack of common sense. I'm 100% certain it'll get labelled as terrible and I should keep such silly ideas to myself but here it goes...

      - Rapid Deployment:
      Unit productions are finished instantly. Yes, no more waiting to get your army up. Buildings upgrade/ build, travel and research timers remains the same.

      Usually people will try to keep building something in their provinces but what if they get carried away and only produces units to the point they don't have enough resources to upgrade their buildings. I can already hear the distant laughter of rockets and plane users.

      - Rapid Construction:
      Almost the same with the one above but instead of instant army completion, it's the building upgrade or construction that instantly finished. Everything else remains the same.

      - Reveal all:
      Everything in the map is visible to everyone. I think someone already suggested this but I forgot who. So everything in the map is visible, just like when you are at share map with other players. Although maybe units with capability to stay hidden should remains only visible to the owner of the units and anyone who is at share map with the owner.

      - Nationalism:
      When producing units, you get 2 units instead of 1. Example; when you produce an infantry, you get 2 infantries when it's finished, when you produce a Light Tank, you get 2 Light tanks instead of 1. Please note that I don't mean like if you produce infantry and you get a bonus tank for it.

      What I mean is you only get one extra unit of what you produce; so if you make an Interceptor, you get 2 interceptors not One Int + One Tac or One Int + One AT. Maybe I should call this "Mass Produce" or "Mass Conscription" instead?

      - Death Match:
      I believe Free for All rounds ends once the timer runs out correct?
      So Death Match is basically Free for All type of event but the game will only ends until one player remain. No coalitions, players are allowed to make alliances (Share Map or RoW) with other players.

      That's all that I had in mind. Yeah, I know.... terrible right? Hey, I'm always full of bad ideas :D
      Think of them as something like "mutators".