(IT) Quinta Colonna ♦ PRESENTATION ♦ (IT)

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    • (IT) Quinta Colonna ♦ PRESENTATION ♦ (IT)

      :welcome: _____________________ QUINTA COLONNA ______________________________

      On the day of April 6, 2018 the most powerful ITALIAN ALLIANCE of Call Of War was formed.

      The alliance believes in NATIONALISM, inspired by the sacred values of the emperor Julius Caesar.

      United and determined we will carry the name of the alliance at the top of the ranking, honoring the greatness of our FLAG!



      At least one login per day is mandatory for those who actively participate;
      2) Prolonged absences must be communicated;
      3) Respect the directives;
      4) The good game is rewarded, you collect what you sow;
      5) Mutual respect among the members;

      • We accept challenges;
      • We accept new members upon request;

      We are waiting for you!

      LEADER: Gen.Ambrose

      OFFICER: GeneralHenry02