Alternative History RP: The Great Stalemate of WW1

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    • Alternative History RP: The Great Stalemate of WW1

      After the USA joined WW1 on the side of the Triple Entente, things were looking like they might change. After 3 years of hard fought trench warfare, the Entente were now pushing back the Germans out of Belgium and France. However, the Kaiser already had a plan set up. He had ordered miles of miles of trenches to be built along the french and belgian border equipped with huge amounts of artillery. The Entente were not ready for this. They reached the German Border expecting an easy win but instead over 300,000 Entente soldiers were killed over a fighting period of 11 days. The Entente knew now there was nothing they could do to break the German line of defense and instead resumed to trench warfare. The Germans were able to break the British naval blockade with a series of coordinated attacks. This allowed them to receive supplies and reinforce there fronts

      Along the eastern front, Russian morale was slowly dropping. The Germans were marching on and they Couldn't be stopped. In September of 1918, the Russians surrendered and signed a treaty to end the German Russian side of the War. The Communist Revolution came a month later and the Russian Empire was on the verge of collapsing. Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania nd Finland gained independence in the following months.

      On the Balkans front, Italy and Serbia were slowly pushing back the Austro Hungarian Empire. Yugoslavia declared independence on the 4th of November 1918, This proved costly to Austro Hungary because they had now lost sea access. The people were starving and demanded an End to the war. The Ottoman Empire collapsed on the 7th of January 1919 due to large rebellion across the country.On the 1st of May 1919, The Entente and Central Powers signed the Treaty of Lorraine which put an end to WW1.

      The Treaty of WW1:

      The Western Front:
      France and Belgium shall annex territory gained during the war. The Republic of Ireland shall gain independence from the United Kingdom but the UK will keep the northern part and it shall be called Northern Ireland. Denmark will annex some lands from Germany but Denmark will pay money to Germany in exchange.

      The Balkan front:
      The Austro Hungarian Empire will be dismantled. Germany shall annex Austria and most of Czechoslovakia. The independent state of Slovakia shall be formed. The Kingdom of Hungary shall be formed. Romania and Yugoslavia will annex the rest of the land. Macedonia and Serbia shall join Yugoslavia.

      The Ottoman Empire:
      The Ottoman Empire shall be dismantled. The Kingdom of Iraq shall be formed. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall be formed. The Kingdom of Yemen shall be formed. France will annex Syria, the UK shall annex Jordan

      Other Treaties:
      Italy shall annex Libya but Egypt will annex some of the East.
      Italy shall annex some Yugoslavia Land
      Romania and Greece shall annex some Bulgaria Land
      Italy shall annex Rhodes

      Wars after WW1:
      The Polish war of independence
      Outcome: The Republic of Poland is formed and Germany loses the Danzig Corridor

      The Chinese Civil War
      Outcome: The Break up of China and the formation of Tibet, Mongolia, Sinkiang, Xinjiang, Communist China , Nationalist China and Manchukuo.

      The Colonial Wars of Independence
      Outcome: Namibia joins South Africa and South Africa gets full independence from the United Kingdom. Egypt becomes a British Dominion. New Zealand gets full independence from the United Kingdom. Germany loses its colonies to various nations. Burma joins the United Kingdom. Italy annexes Ethiopia

      The First Japanese Expansion
      Outcome: Japan annexes Korea and Manchukuo becomes a Japanese Puppet state

      The Second Japanese Expansion
      Outcome: Japan annexes a lot of Chinese land

      The World in 1937:
      France, Italy and Japan are all ruled by fascist dictatorships who are in an alliance called the Triple Nation Pact.
      The Uk Germany and the USA are in the Allies which also includes the British Colonies. The Soviet Union is in the Comintern with Republican Spain , The Turkish SSR and Mongolia. Tensions have heated in recent years but who will come out on top?

      UK Democratic Allies Francobritishempire7
      French Empire Fascist Triple Pact
      Italian Empire Fascist Triple Pact
      Germany Non Aligned Allies
      USA Democratic Allies
      Soviet Union Communist Comintern
      Japanese Empire Fascist Triple Pact
      Republican Spain Communist Comintern
      Turkish SSR Communist Comintern
      Republic of Poland Democratic
      Yugoslavia Democratic
      Dominion of Canada Democratic Allies
      Dominion of Australia Democratic Allies
      Dominion of India Democratic Allies
      Nationalist China Nationalist
      Manchukuo Fascist Triple Pact
      Mongolian SSR Communist Comintern
      Brazil Democratic
      Mexico Democratic
      Persia Non Aligned

      Rules of Roleplay

      No Gold Usage
      No OOC in Newspaper
      At the end of a war a treaty must be signed
      In a pvp war once you have taken their capital offer them a chance to surrender
      All alliances and treaties must be made public by posting them in the newspaper
      A ceasefire must last at least 2 days
      No trolling
      Give a justified reason for going to war
      1 day is 3 months in game
      Stay active have fun
      You will need to be lvl 17 or over
      Game Will be played on historical WW2 map

      How to comment

      COW username
      Intended nation
      Nation Rival
      Do u agree to Rules Y/N

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      COW username: Clevelandguy
      Intended nation: Dominion of Canada
      Nation Rival: Japan/ Soviet
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      intended nation: Germany
      Nation Rival: France
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      Intended nation: Soviet Union
      Nation Rival: UK, US, France
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      Nation : Italian Empire
      Rival : UK, Spain , Yugoslavia
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      Nation : French Empire
      Rival : UK, Germany and Spain
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