My Ideas

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    • Treaties
      When a war ends, the winner can draft a treaty. They can take proviences and puppet the other nation(s)

      The loser of a war can still play if they are puppeted, they can still play, but their master can see their armies, command them, and pass troops through them.

      Let's say we have 2 players and they unite countries. They both control the nation and both command armies. Depending on the nations, (UK and Sweden, France and Germany, Italy and Yugoslavia) they have 4 research slots, each player using 2. Also, when another player messages them, all 3 can chat.

      Modern Day Map
      A map taking place in the 21st century. Unlocked at rank 30

      Cold War Map
      A map taking place during the Cold War. Unlocked at rank 25

      WW1 Map
      A map taking place during WW1. Unlocked at rank 15

      Advanced Rounds
      During these types of rounds, the player can form new nations depending on how much land they control. When provinces are nuked, nothing can be built in them till the radiation clears up. A focus tree to do stuff like demand land without a war. This mode can only be used on World at War, Historical World War, the WW1 map, Cold War map, and the Modern Day map. Gold and High Command features cannot be used on these rounds. The ability to enable this mode on new matches is unlocked at rank 35.

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    • Just a suggestion, the only way you could effectively add treaties, puppets and unions would work on certain maps. I think they could make on map built around those ideas, then have them able to be toggled off for the "Europe: Clash of Nations." Same with advanced rounds.

      Other ideas: I mean, this is a WWII game, so that wouldn't really fit. Also, Bytro (the creator of this game) has a WW1 game and a Modern Game on Open-Beta. Why take away from those games, a few of which are as popular as this one.
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