The Private Military Corporation is Recruiting

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    • The Private Military Corporation is Recruiting

      The Private Military Corporation is a very friendly and active alliance, open to anyone willing to join. However there are a few simple rules that everyone must follow. All members are expected to be active, logging in at least once a day, preferably more. This alliance is a friendly environment, gathered together to have fun. This means that everyone must respect each other and any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
      If you are interested in joining please send an application that contains the following information.
      Why you want to join the alliance.
      How long you’ve been playing call of war.
      If you use gold or not.
      And finally, a bit about yourself and which country you are from.
      Communication is key so if you are inactive for more than three days without any notice or reason you will be kicked but you may reapply. It is expected that everyone has discord in order to communicate. The link is here:

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