adding WEATHER ! a huge update idea + the strategies will change 100% game will be more challenging !

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    • adding WEATHER ! a huge update idea + the strategies will change 100% game will be more challenging !

      Are you with adding the Weather in the game ? 18
        yes (13) 72%
        no (5) 28%

      i have a new idea
      idea : adding weather to game

      well i think that adding weather to the game will be a huge update to the game ( rainy , snowy , very hot , sea freezing ..etc )

      the game will be more realistic + the strategies will be affected 100 %

      features :

      1-) the weather changes every 7 ~ 4 days
      2-) the weather should be realistic ( finland must have a high chance of snowing and sea freezing , but africa wont have any chance for snowing and a little chance of rainning )

      now what is the aim of the weather ?

      for example :

      1-) light tanks will be 15 % slower in the snow areas
      2-) commados will be 10 % faster and stronger in snow areas
      3-) all naval units except submarines will be out of service when the sea freeze
      4-) some units can cross the freezed sea
      5-) infantries will be 15 % weaker when the weather is hot
      6-) air units wont get affected unless its raining or there is a storm or the weather is cloudy ( if the weathe is cloudy the planes will do 10 % less damage )

      so what do u think
      will it change the strategies 100 % and make the game challenging ?

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    • See i do not support this idea due to the fact that it'll change the game as there wouldnt be a specific weather pattern. Especially saying naval units would be frozen in the sea it just wouldnt fit this game. There would have to be constant weather reports like every hour.

      On your argument about planes. Planes would also have to be effected by snow.

      I also dont see how any units would be faster or stronger in the snow as many units in actual life lost people do to bad weather. As seen in the battle of Stalingrad and all throughout Russia.
    • well , u are right , all te units would be slower + weaker in snows except comaddos cuz they are well trained , or what do u think ?

      yea planes must be affected by snow

      and changing the weather every hour is a good idea as long as the weather changes logically
      dont tell me you are finland
      and right now sea freezed after an hour its sunny !

      and about your pint of view about sea freezing
      i meant only specifice regions like the sea between finland and Lithuania not the pacific !
    • Think about this some more...

      - none but a few seas ever freeze (Northernmost tip of Botnic guld)... in fact the Murmansk convoys especially sailed in winter (less light for enemy operations). Even when they do, it's not a freeze like turning a light switch, ships would have plenty of time to reach safety.
      - why would only infantry be hit by hot weather? I'd say the inside of a tank would be one of the worst places to be when the thermometer passes 30 degrees. Armored divisions operating in the Lybian desert also had almost 50% increase on the maintenance of their vehicles.
      - applying the same penalty or bonus to both sides of a battle is exactly the same as not applying a penalty/bonus at all
      When the enemy is driven back, we have failed. When he is cut off, encircled and dispersed, we have succeeded. - Aleksandr Suvorov.
    • I like this idea. I don't think the proposed changes would make that much of a difference. Just a slight effect. I think it would effect moral the most. Germany attacks Russia in the winter. It should be nasty, harsh, etc. WWII technology the planes didn't go anywhere in heavy storms/overcast bomb missions. As stated the effect of sand and maintenance on armor, etc. would be harsher. Adds a bit more randomness and realism to some of the player maps.

      I would say that if your Iran/Iraq attacking Siberia there should be more of hit on the Persian infrantry than Russian. They are more conditioned better in the winter and visa-versa. Attacking is going to be much harder on the attacking force than the defensive force. Perhaps give a little more love to barracks/fortresses in the winter. Mountain regions (everything slows to a crawl to pass through). Give the terrain more of an effect. I love the idea.

      Its one way to make bombers a little less effective all the time. A hurricane would slow down the Navy crossing the Atlantic. Perhaps take a 10-15% hit along with it. You plan the wrong time to make a amphipious landing the defenders get more of an advantage.

      I can see it slowing the game a little, but it also gives a much more realistic feel to the game. Can't make a move from Germany to Italy in winter. That would be nuts... etc. etc.