Can't log in on desktop

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    • Can't log in on desktop

      I have a really odd situation in that I can't log in to any of my games on my home desktop computer. It gives me the error message "Cound not activate game ____ on server." I get the same message on this computer for every browser including Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome.

      However I can log in just fine on my laptop, cell phone mobile app, and also on my work desktop. So it's really puzzling that the game works fine on all computers and devices except for one!

      Does anyone know why I can't log in on just the one home desktop computer? I tried restarting the computer, clearing cache, passwords, cookies, and all history, and that doesn't help either.
    • So to clarify:

      You get to the main page just fine, and select your game, but the game doesn't load?

      If so then clearing cache, cookies, and browsing history should have resolved the issue. Try clearing those items again, and restarting the computer again. (unless you have already done so several times) and check.

      If that doesn't work please send in a bug report using the link in my signature and fully describe the issue and the steps you have already taken please.
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