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    • Unit sight range

      Greetings everyone,

      I am an old hand at S1914 that decided to give CoW a try. So far I have been very impressed with terrain features which is something S1914 sorely needs.

      Anyway I have been lurking for several weeks now reading up on the very useful guides you all have posted but I cant seem to find any info on unit sight range.

      I noticed the other day that when I moved my light tank away from a province that I was defending with infantry/aa/at I lost the count of the enemy troops I got the ? while previously I had a detailed count.

      I immediately ordered the tank back to the city and it lit up the enemy troops again. Thus clearly different units have different sight ranges does anyone have a list?

      Many thanks in advance
    • I believe the sight range for the majority of units is 42 Km clear view, 70 km "fuzzy" view.

      Armored cars have the longest sight range at I believe 50km clear view.

      The expert is @DxC if we can get his attention :)

      Edited to add a couple of key words for better searching. Sight radius, Sight range, visual range, visual radius, how far can units see, distance unit can see.
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    • clear/fog view
      72/120 AC
      72/120 aircraft carrier
      72/120 nuclear carrier

      60/100 LT
      60/100 Mech INF

      54/90 DD
      54/90 sub
      54/90 Nuclear Sub
      54/90 Cruiser
      54/90 BB
      54/90 Nuclear BB
      54/90 Commando
      54/90 MOT INF

      48/80 INF
      48/80 Naval bomber lvl 6

      42/70 ART recheck
      42/70 AA
      42/70 AT
      42/70 SP AA
      42/70 SP ART
      42/70 MT
      42/70 HT
      42/70 TD
      42/70 Railroad Gun
      42/70 Naval Bomber landed

      36/60 Rocket Fighter landed
      36/60 INT landed

      30/50 Militia
      30/50 Sea convoy.
      30/50 Land convoy
      30/50 Rocket

      27/45 Nuclear Bomber landed
      27/45 Strat lvl 5 landed

      24/40 TAC landed

      20/36 STRAT landed (21/35 makes more sense)

      12/20 Atomic Rocket

      Patrol view radius (same as landed fog)
      70 Naval Bomber
      60 Rocket Fighter
      60 INT
      40 TAC
      36 Strategic Bomber
    • AK140 wrote:

      DxC wrote:

      Patrol view radius (same as landed fog)

      70 Naval Bomber
      60 Rocket Fighter
      60 INT
      40 TAC
      36 Strategic Bomber
      If they are stacked in a wing do the lower radius aircraft also damage unit outside it's range, but in the range of the higher radius aircraft?
      Yes, the largest existing radius applies to all planes in a stack.

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