Suggestions for Call of War

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    • MontanaBB wrote:

      Diabolical wrote:

      I'm not even going to say it. But some people probably know what I'm thinking....
      I can't say for certain, but you should be worried about getting whacked with the Big Stick by Chesty.
      Whether anyone knows what I'm thinking or not, I didn't say it. That's the point. Had I said it, I might've gotten whacked. But they can't punish you for thinking it, whatever "it" may be.

      That is, until the thought police raid my house and seize my computer.
      It seemed like such a waste to destroy an entire battle station just to eliminate one man. But Charlie knew that it was the only way to ensure the absolute and total destruction of Quasi-duck, once and for all.

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    • Quasi-duck wrote:

      Shameless grab for forum points by Dia.
      You would know....Mr. General of the Army.
      It seemed like such a waste to destroy an entire battle station just to eliminate one man. But Charlie knew that it was the only way to ensure the absolute and total destruction of Quasi-duck, once and for all.

      The saying, "beating them into submission until payday", is just golden...pun intended.

      R.I.P. Snickers <3
    • With respect to the original point of this thread, I personally would like to see real time trading and perhaps resource transport. Of course this would add yet another level of complexity to his game but it would be a lot more realistic.

      With resource transport by sea it would incentivise more players to build navies, something that is rarely seen unless you already start with them like Blitzkrieg or Historic World War maps. Naval battles in Clash of Nations and Road to War maps are something that never happen. With the knowledge of resource filled ships of your enemies somewhere in the water would encourage more players to focus on a naval approach to the game.

      Transport by air and by sea would incentivise more player to build larger air forces that contain both naval bombers and interceptors rather than just tactical bombers, which is all too common.

      I also like the idea of trade deals. This would streamline the process of trading and not require so much micromanaging. This is straightforward and something easy to understand.

      This kind of system would be an incredible game asset in the Historic World War map. France always has a food shortage, and most European countries don't produce as much oil as needed or not at all as in the case of Germany. This would allow smaller countries to have a greater position on the world stage. With smaller armies and lesser building to upgrade, it is easy for them to quickly start mass producing at least one kind of resource, which can then be used to ensure the countries survival beyond the first few days, instead of being instantly absorbed by a super power.

      This would add yet more layers of complexity and force the player to be more careful in their decisions. While it will be hard for new players to grasp all of these concepts, more experienced players would benefit as there is something else to incorporate into their strategy. In regards, to the complexity factor, a solution would be to not have the system present in beginner games. That way, rookies can ease more slowly into the game and make the decision on whether or not they are ready for something more challenging. I understand even beginning to implement anything to the game would be extremely difficult to get right and close all loopholes, to get the cheater from taking advantage, but it would be awesome to have trade as another aspect to take care of.
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    • Nice Thread You make but.

      LUDO_IS_HERE wrote:

      - Research facilities -
      Reseach Facilities should have maximum number to be build like can only build 1-2 in game and at certain days.

      LUDO_IS_HERE wrote:

      - Chemical weapons -
      I dont think Chemical Weapons are Used in WW2. Its will just going to end up as a Disaster.especially the unuseable province while you need it to use it and the chemical even need a days to gone.

      LUDO_IS_HERE wrote:

      - Trade deals -
      This is a nice suggestion where 2 or more Player can trade at just 1 message.

      LUDO_IS_HERE wrote:

      - Travelling resources -
      The Military and Economic Filter are good suggestion. But im not sure Lot of people like Travelling Resource while they Badly need it and people just going to send plane to intercept its route.

      LUDO_IS_HERE wrote:

      - Rebel groups -
      When a player lost control of all province while they still had surviving unit that sended to Sea or other safe place like Share Map/RoW player Territory. The unit wont dissappear except when the Player are gone inactive. i dont think rebel groups are kinda needed
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    • Trade deals would add an... interesting extra mechanic to in game diplomacy, but I'm not sure if it'd be good or not, but I guess it's worth looking into.

      As for rebels, I doubt they would be used much thanks to the player's tendencyto go inactive, but it would be a nice touch to even out the playing field between bigger and smaller nations. I actually like this, a lot.

      Research labs are just another thing to spend resources on, and you already spend 90% of the game time trying to figure out what to spend resources on because you don't have enough, so I'm not sure if I like it.

      Not much to say on the other things, to be honest. I don't like traveling resources just because I don't like waiting, and I'm indifferent to chemical weapons.
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    • Healing units faster:

      This has been brought up before, but looks like that thread was closed due to an argument.

      So maybe I'm a little OCD and 99% just bugs me, but seriously I'm not proposing anything crazy here, I'm flexible. If a unit can heal 15% of its damage and at like 3% it gets far more healing back than something at 70%. Logically this makes sense—to a point.

      I propose an additional 2% base healing factor. or even a 1% towards the total. If you went with a building, I'd say make it a quick field hospital thing, consumes food and manpower. Can be disables. And again not a major increase. 5% total hit-points was my original idea, in addition to the 15% of damage. But it wouldn't even need to be that much. 8 hour build time. (or you could do it morel like with the barracks and have it real fast—with multiple layers and effects).